Every now and then a celebrity wedding comes along that changes the whole look of wedding days. Kate Middleton did just that when she had real trees positioned along the aisle of Westminster Abbey, so it looked as though she was romantically walking through a forest pathway to her waiting prince.

It was a look many brides then replicated (albeit on a smaller scale) by putting topiary trees or similar at the pew ends in church, or lining the aisle of where they were holding their ceremony with pedestals and flower arrangements.

Set up at the UK Wedding Event by Ambience

And it’s a trend that has moved through to other aspects of the wedding reception. We’re seeing trees around the dance floor and mini trees decorating table tops.

Trees aren’t just for summer weddings either. They look wonderful in winter too, decorated with fairy lights and add a real sense of glamour to an entranceway.

Styling by Ambience York

Oversized letters

This is another big trend we’re seeing more of. They make great props for photographs and of course you can put them wherever you wish at the reception or move them around or use more than one set of letters. You can have them in a colour to suit your theme or words that mean a lot to you.

You can light up the letters for the evening, have them created with flowers or with moss or topiary. In some cases, you’ll be able to keep them afterwards in your home as a reminder of your big day.

Styling by Ambience Devon

Wild cascading flowers

The tight wedding bouquets of recent years are giving away to something wilder and less structured. Think whimsical, as though you have just walked through a meadow and picked the flowers yourself.  Everything is looser and lighter.


This mood for less structure is also being seen in the flower arrangements for weddings. Florists are increasingly hiding the vase so that the flowers seem to be growing naturally down the centre of tables for example and over the backs of chairs.


Styling done in the Bradford & Halifax area


The vintage look we’ve been seeing so much of is now moving on. Look around and you’re going to see a lot more metallics at weddings.

At Ambience, we’ve styled weddings using metallics with bronze, silver and gold coloured table linens, which look fantastic.

blush pink sequin tablecloth

A blush pink sequin table runner gives a sparkling base note and works well with metallics

Cocktails and craft beers

Rather than having the waiting staff handing round drinks at the reception, some brides and grooms are opting to have a craft beer bar and also a cocktail bar which doesn’t need to offer a host of cocktails, but could just be from a menu of two or three (and don’t forget some non-alcoholic options too). For the kids you could also have a smoothie bar.


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Bowl food

In fact, we’re seeing a move away from formal seated weddings. Maybe this is because the evening party is fast becoming the main event. Or maybe because people want to mix and don’t want to be stuck on the same table all evening?

Bowl food or food served festival-style from different counters is becoming very popular. It certainly makes life easier if you’re having to deal with vegetarians, vegans and people who make particular food choices. You could have a fish and chip van, a Thai food cart, an ice cream van.

You can still have a seating plan but it can all be a lot less formal, and you won’t have to worry about kids sitting quietly through three courses (and a load of speeches).

Are there any wedding trends you’ve come across that you think work particularly well?