Wedding favours have come a long way from their origins. Back in the day, a little bag of sugared almonds in pretty pastel colours was what guests received. It was a thank-you gift to the guest from the bride and groom for attending their wedding day.

But things have moved on a bit since then.

Possibly one of the first things you need to really consider is whether you need wedding favours at all. If you’re on a strict budget, then they really are something you can do without. It might be better to put the money towards your food and drinks budget bill instead.

A tip before you choose any wedding favours

Be practical. Think about how your guests are getting to your wedding and how they are getting home again. If people are flying to your venue or using public transport, then a pot of home grown herbs or honey might not be the best option!

You don’t want to see your carefully crafted (or budget-breaking) wedding favours left behind on the tables by your guests when they leave, do you? So make sure your wedding favours are beautiful, useful or both.

Some ideas for wedding favours


Macaroons will make your wedding tables look so pretty. (Image via Wedding Chicks)

Homemade macaroons

Delicious and chewy French confections that are halfway between a biscuit and a sweet. If you like baking then you could DIY macaroons yourself with a bit of practise. You can choose flavours to suit you like lemon, chocolate, coffee or raspberry, then package them up with handwritten labels in a cellophane bag or small box. Here’s a useful recipe to try.

Wedding favours for children

You could ditch favours for adults and just give them to children, by providing the kids’ table with some well-thought out gifts.

Be a bit more imaginative than sweets. It’s a good idea to give children some sort of activity they’ll enjoy.

We think these place mats for kids at weddings are genius. Make sure you have plenty of coloured pens in pots on the table so the youngsters can be busily (and hopefully quietly) employed during the speeches!

Children's wedding favour

Activity placemat available to order via Ambience stylists

Make a charitable donation

If you’ve lost somebody close to you or somebody has been ill, then you might want to give the money you would have spent on wedding favours to support a particular charity instead. The charity in question will be able to help you with printed cards like the one below or you can make your own.

Charitable donation wedding favour

Charitable donations instead of wedding favours

A favour your guests will use over and over again

Reducing our use of plastics is very much in the news at the moment and it’s something we all need to work towards. We really like the idea of giving metal water bottles away as wedding favours, particularly if you’re marrying in the summer. Buy in bulk (we’ve found some here for just ¬£2.38 each) and add personalised labels on each (you could have the bottle personalised too).

water bottle wedding favours

Metal water bottles would make a useful wedding favour

Guest soaps

If your guests have travelled to your wedding, putting beautifully scented mini soaps at each place setting would be a considerate idea. That’s a thought that would work well for both male and female guests (and be lightweight to carry as well).

Etsy personalised soaps

Etsy personalised soaps

A sweetie bar

Put a candy-striped bag at each place setting, with a stick-on label (you can make these or have the bags personalised) stating the wedding couples’ name and then the message ‘fill up with goodies at the sweetie bar’ or something similar.

Then have a sweetie table beautifully laid out with everyone’s favourite sweets. You could do this instead of a chocolate fountain, which can get a bit messy to be honest!

Sweet table done by our Berkshire stylist

Nobody can resist a pick-n-mix and all ages will enjoy gathering around the table and picking out their favourites it can also be an ice-breaker too.

Our stylists have created and organised several sweet/ desert tables for weddings and have plenty of ideas to help you!