Finding a wedding favour at your place setting when you attend a reception is actually quite a new phenomenon.

Well, in the past you might have found a little organza packet of sugared almonds which was actually a European tradition. The five sweets were considered auspicious and represented health, prosperity, fertility, joy and longevity.

Our stylists will make your place settings look wonderful whatever you decide to do about favours…

In the past you might still find little sugared almonds in a decorative box at your place setting but then again you might come across something completely different. Here are a few thoughts.

  1. You can go down the traditional route and put sugared almonds on the guests’ plates. On the plus side, they’re inexpensive, look pretty and they’re a classic option. On the other hand, not everybody likes them and they may just be left behind which is a waste of your money.

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  2. If you’ve lost a close relative or friend due to illness, you might want to give a donation to charity in lieu of having wedding favours. You could just print out little slips saying something like “Instead of having wedding favours, we have donated the money to xxx and put the name of the charity you want to support.
  3. Another way of donating to charity via your wedding favours is through place cards, Macmillan do a pretty wedding place card which features flower seeds “Love in a Mist”. They are around £10 for 10 and all profits go direct to the charity.

    A wedding place card supporting Macmillan cancer research includes a small packet of seeds. Around £10 for 10 from MacMillan

  4. You don’t have to have wedding favours at all if you don’t want to. If you’re having around 200 guests then you could save around £400 straightaway. That’s money you could spend on your food budget, your drinks budget, or on decorating an indifferent wedding venue to make it something super special. To be honest, nobody is really going to complain if they don’t have a wedding favour to greet them on their plate. They are much more concerned with being on a fun table with friends to chat to. In any case, favours often get forgotten unless they are particularly memorable.
  5. Are you thinking about DIY wedding favours? Then be realistic in terms of the time and manpower you have available. For example, if you have 150 guests, then hand beading 150 napkin rings for every place is going to take you quite a long time and could also prove expensive. Sometimes the best favours are something very simple like a flower tucked into a folded napkin. A bloom that won’t wilt if it gets a little thirsty like a sprig of lavender for example.

    Accessorising wedding

    Attention to detail

  6. Don’t forget to theme your favours along with your wedding theme. Say for example you are getting married by the sea. Then how about having sticks of rock made for every guest that have the bride and groom’s name running through them.
  7. If you’re having a smallish wedding perhaps with a country garden theme, then you could pot up a flower for every guest. In the spring or winter this could be a bulb, a daffodil or a hyacinth. Everybody will want to take it home to remind them of your wedding day. It’s a gift that carries on giving for a long while.
  8. On the subject of DIY wedding favours, you could bake a biscuit for every guest so that they can enjoy it with their coffee. It can be as simple or as fancy as you like. You could buy cellophane bags inexpensively and put one biscuit in each tied with a label with the guest’s name, so it doubles up as a place setting or you could make smaller biscuits for a selection. Google wedding biscuit recipes and see what you find there. Pinterest is also a good source of ideas for decorating.

    wedding biscuit favours

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  9. Our wedding stylists are the perfect people to hand over wedding favours to. As well as having lots of props at their disposal, they also have some incredible ideas and can help you find something to fit your budget.   Using one of our wedding stylists can save you time as well as money. Going back to point 4 above, you may feel that your wedding venue is perfectly situated but rather uninspiring inside. In which case our wedding stylists will use their special touch, room draping, mood lighting, sashes, props to transform an area into a fairytale venue. So by saving money on your favours you could use a stylist instead which would certainly give your venue the wow factor you’re after.

Get in touch with us, we’ll have a wedding stylist near you and you’re under no obligation.