You’ve thought about flowers, colour coordinated wedding stationery, your cake and bridesmaid’s dresses.

But there’s one aspect of wedding décor that you might not have given any thought to and that’s wedding lighting.

Lighting is definitely something to consider

Lighting may not at first seem something that’s particularly relevant to your wedding day but in fact it’s a detail that can change the look and mood in a room to great effect. Particularly in a room that lacks that certain something.

Lighting isn’t just a string of fairy lights either. There are so many different ways to use lights for example to create an atmosphere, to throw focus on a particular area, to direct guests or to decorate a ceiling or dance floor.

Our stylists light up weddings beautifully

Let’s look at a few ways our stylists have used lighting for brides at their weddings.

wedding couple in lit archway

Here, lighting has made this archway a photo opportunity with clever lighting

An illuminated ball and strings of lights have been used to decorate the entrance to the venue along with some bunting to tie in the theme. It certainly set the scene for the guests arriving and also gave a perfect photo opportunity to the bride and groom. It’s always a good idea to look around your venue carefully with your stylist who will spot all sorts of potential décor and lighting opportunities that you may otherwise miss. You can see more of this real wedding here.

Arctic theming with lighting

Here our stylist created an Arctic theme for the bride and groom, using arctic blues. To give the effect of a twinkly wintry sky she strung ropes of lights across the ceiling beams.  Behind the top table is a light curtain which created a focal point. Oh, and look at the floral lights climbing up the upright beams.

Frozen wedding theme

Lighting to recreate winter sparkles and an arctic theme

If you’re having a summer wedding, then lights are the perfect way to move from a golden summer afternoon through to a romantic evening. Here our stylist made sure that the evening guests felt welcomed to the event with a simple light canopy showing the way to the entrance to the marquee.

festival wedding

Clever lighting by one of our stylists

Draping and lighting can be used together to create a great effect. Here our stylist has combined soft white ceiling drapes with lights and added coloured lanterns for an eye-catching look. Notice that the clever up lights at the side of the room are in violet hues to match up with the ceiling lanterns. Lights don’t have to be white, you can change the colour to get whatever mood you want and this is something our stylist can certainly help with. Think blues, pinks, lilac and glowing oranges if you wish!

lanterns at wedding

Coloured lanterns and coloured side lighting… spectacular

When you’re lighting a room you also need to do it safely. Use one of our stylists to help you get the lighting right and you can be assured that they are going to stick to the safety rules and make sure that everything is secure and in working order. So that the lights literally don’t go out when you’re mid-reception!

Creative lighting

Think outside the box when it comes to lighting. You could have illuminated letters spelling out your names or the word ‘LOVE’ as seen here. Lights don’t have to be in strings although that can look fantastic. Lit-up letters are very versatile and can be moved around from where you say your vows to out in the garden. Our stylists will choose lights that are suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.

LOVE letters at wedding

Lighting up a wedding with LOVE

real wedding in Lake District

Aren’t these love letter props fabulous? From Light Of My Life

Interior designers have always looked at a room’s structure to see how lighting would enhance it and that’s exactly what our stylists will do when they look around your venue with you.

Best of all, you can relax and leave somebody else to do the work, knowing that you are in the hands of an expert and that you don’t have to invest in any expensive one-off props to make your wedding look the way you want it to, because our stylists will have everything to hand.

We have stylists all around the country. These images are taken from a variety of real weddings we have styled in different locations so there is sure to be one near you.

Get in touch and see what your local stylist could do for you. A quick call and a chat doesn’t hold you to anything, but if you’re like our other brides you’ll be delighted you got in touch with us!