When your granny got married the issue of wedding presents was just so much easier.

For a start, she probably didn’t live with your grandad before they got married.

And she may well have had a ‘bottom drawer’. What’s that you may ask?

Well, it was a special drawer that a girl would keep to put things in that she wanted to use when she was married. Items she’d been given like maybe a special tablecloth, a picture, candlesticks or china.

That’s rather an old-fashioned way to go about getting ready for married life although we still think it’s quite a charming idea and maybe some of you have actually used it?

old fashioned wedding day

Wedding gifts were a little different in our great grandparents’ days! Image via Wikipedia

So what should the bride and groom do nowadays about wedding gifts?

The thing is the pair of you have probably lived together before your wedding day. You may well have bought a property together and have some children together.

So your ideas of what would be a perfect wedding gift are almost certainly going to be rather different than that of your grandparents!

In some cultures there is a very practical approach to the whole idea of wedding gifts. For example, at a traditional Greek wedding the bride has money pinned onto her dress at the reception for the couple to use in their married life.

But that may not be happening to you, so you have a few options:

At a traditional Greek wedding, the couple may have money pinned to them. Image via Jay Rowden Photography

Wedding lists

Major stores like Debenhams, John Lewis all have very popular wedding lists. They’re a great idea because it’s an easy way for guests to buy gifts that they know you really want.

Although you may have set up home together for a while now, having a wedding list gives you a chance to upgrade the stuff you already have. Maybe some luxe new high thread count bed linen, a state of the art toaster or some garden furniture etc.

Wedding gifts don’t just have to be cutlery, crockery, pots and pans. You could also choose some great luggage or maybe even a rug!

However there are other types of wedding list that you might like to think about.

Some bride and grooms who have bought a new home want to invest in their garden. So you could have a wedding list at a garden supply company and ask for plants, trees, shrubs, bulbs and whatever else you need for your garden.

Other couples have more unusual wedding lists with wine companies or antique booksellers.

topiary trees

You could ask for trees as an unusual wedding present – our stylists could incorporate them into your wedding day decor if you wanted

What not to do

The one thing you really can’t do is ask outright for money. Many people are still not keen about doing this and will prefer to give you something. But if people ask if you want money and you do, then of course you can say yes!

In fact, you may well receive some wedding gifts that you really don’t like maybe a hideous vase or a mirror. In that case, just smile sweetly, write your thank-you letter gracefully and put the gift in the back of a cupboard for a while.

Some other couples ask for contributions towards their honeymoon. The jury is still out on this one. It’s certainly a practical suggestion if you really do have everything for your house you could possibly want. However, again some people may not feel comfortable contributing to your honeymoon.

wedding post box

Our stylists can supply a wedding post box to keep your cards and envelopes safe

Getting a little help with wedding gifts

Sometimes when you’re getting married you need a best friend or an experienced shoulder to discuss things with. And that’s just where our wedding stylists come in.

It’s a given that they are amazing at styling weddings and making the venue look amazing and beautiful. Creating the room of your dreams.

But because they are so experienced, they’ve also seen a lot of weddings and know what can happen in the build-up. So discussing wedding gift issues with them is something you can certainly do. They’ll listen and may have some good advice you may not have considered.

Cake and gift table styled by our Berkshire stylist...

Cake and gift table styled by our Berkshire stylist…

And if you want a special area at your wedding reception for gifts that guests have brought along on the day itself or if you are interested in a secure post box for any money in envelopes you may receive then our stylists are supreme at creating gift table focal points.

All you have to do is get in touch. You’re under no obligation to take things further and it could be one of the most important calls or emails you make.


wedding with taupe tie backs

Our stylists will do more than just make your wedding day look wonderful – they could also be a shoulder to lean on!