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Prince William famously doesn’t wear one. But his wife does.

Prince Harry does. And so does Meghan.

Of course, we’re talking about wedding rings here.

Ancient Roman wedding ring (via Pinterest)

Ancient Roman wedding ring (via Pinterest)

The origins of the wedding ring (and some interesting facts)

  • Your wedding ring is just that. A circle. It’s supposed to represent the unending continuity of your love that just goes on and on together, without end.
  • The wedding ring is worn on the third finger of the left hand because that was considered to have a direct link with the heart.
  • Engagement rings and wedding rings were known to the ancient Greeks and the Romans, and matrimonial rings have been found by archaeologists.
  • The first wedding rings can be traced back to Ancient Egypt and were made of papyrus and reeds. Pretty soon couples wanted something that was a bit more long-lasting and so rings began to be made from leather, bone and ivory. Study of Egyptian hieroglyphics show that the ring was meant to represent eternal love and devotion.
  • The Romans were thought to have been the first people to have their wedding rings engraved.
  • Couples in many European countries actually wear their wedding rings on their right hands.
  • We like the idea of gimmel rings which were popular during the 16th and 17th centuries. Gimmel rings consisted of two parts and the man and woman each wore one during their engagement. During the wedding the groom put his ring on the bride’s finger, creating a completed ring.
  • The Puritans in American were slightly less romantic. The husband gave his wife a practical thimble because rings were considered to be a little frivolous!
White and gold wedding rings by Glamira

White and gold wedding rings by Glamira

How to choose the perfect wedding rings for you both

First off you need to think of what your rings should be made from. Platinum is currently the most popular precious metal, probably because it is hardwearing, tough and its bright white colour is easy to match with other jewellery. If men are opting to wear a wedding ring they tend to choose platinum.

Classic gold wedding rings by Insignety

Classic gold wedding rings by Insignety

On the other hand, traditional yellow gold is being seen more and more, having waned in popularity of late in favour of white gold. However gold can wear thin over time and is less resistant to scratching.

White gold is fabulous, but you’ll be committing to regular trips to a jeweller to have its rhodium coating topped up (it has to be coated in rhodium to keep its colour).

Platinum wedding rings by Glamira

Platinum wedding rings by Glamira


  • Set a budget for your rings. Don’t scrimp on this. You’ll be wearing your wedding ring on a daily basis for the rest of your life (think of that on a cost per wear basis) so make sure you love it.
  • Your other half may or may not want to wear a ring. Think about the job they do. If they use their hands a lot at work (maybe they are in healthcare, work in a garage or are a potter!) then wearing a ring may not always be practical.
  • Begin the search for wedding rings a few months or more before the wedding. Consider your budget as well, look for rings within your budget and shop around before you decide to purchase.
  • Shop together for your wedding rings, this is something that really should be done as a couple.
  • You may want to pick a wedding band that matches your engagement ring – but make sure it doesn’t overpower it though.
  • You don’t need to match your husband’s wedding ring, let him choose one that best suits his look and style and is comfortable for him.
  • You will want to choose a ring that is comfortable around your finger, not one that is too big, too small or overpowering in any way.
  • If you have a stone that is high set on your engagement ring, you may need to have a wedding ring shaped to fit around it.
  • Always wear your engagement ring when you go shopping for wedding rings to see how the two work together.

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