Your wedding day is going to be one of the happiest days of your life and every moment will be special for you and your new husband.

Of course, you’ve invited along your family and friends to share in the occasion and your joy and you want them to have the best time too. So you’ll have chosen your venue carefully, decided on delicious food, probably a deletectable cake. But it doesn’t end there.

You may have decided to have dancing – live music or a DJ  after the wedding breakfast. Not all guests will want to dance the night away so you need to have some other ideas up your sleeve to entertain them.

So today we bring you C for Casino. An idea for a Casino-inspired wedding

It’s a fabulous theme because it offers you so much opportunity and inspiration. Think Speakeasy. Watch the Baz Luhrman Great Gatsby film to get the mood.

If you’re a vintage kind of a bride, you may decide to opt for a 1920’s style weding dress. Watch Gatsby and see how his love interest Daisy dresses – with diamante headbands and feather boas. If your bridegroom wants to get in on the act he could go 1920’s style too. You could dress your bridesmaids in flapper dresses with headbands to match – and that goes for the flowergirls too.

Or think of James Bond in a sophisticated setting as he stylishly plays Black Jack and roulette. Music is a very emotive way of creating a mood from the moment your guests arrive. So to tie in with a Casino theme why not have a jazz band playing? Or if you want to echo the James Bond mood you could even play Bond theme music!

• Organising a Casino theme for your wedding is straightforward. A specialist company, complete with professional croupiers will set up the tables for you in a separate room. Poker, Blackjack and of course a roulette table.

• As for your reception guest tables, we could dress them in perfect Casino style for you. Colours could reflect the colours of a Casino – maybe a sharp monochrome, with black napkins and placemats enlivened with pops of colour for the table numbers (these could even be a playing card). Or you could choose a sophisticated hot pink for your chair sashes complete with diamante buckles. • On the walls you could show stills from films with James Bond in black tie playing roulette, maybe from the film ‘Casino’ or old black and white Prohibition era films and Gatsby of course. (This is also something your Ambience stylist could help you wish.) Or maybe selected clips from these films.

• Stationery translates very well to a Casino theme. You could use a pack of cards as the basis of your save the dates. For your wedding invitation you could include the image of a roulette chip or playing card. And there’s plenty of stationery around with an Art Deco theme if you want to go down the 1920’s vintage route.

• Maybe you’d like to ask your guests to dress in Speakeasy style – it’s not difficult – men could wear black tie and women stylish evening dress. Remember you can get married at any time in the UK up until 6pm so why not have an evening wedding and go straight on to your Casino party afterwards?

• This is one occasion at which a photo booth would work really well. Guests can take snaps of themselves in costume (and don’t forget to have a box of props nearby including gangster style trilbys, feather boas, flapper-style headbands…) Put a blank guestbook nearby into which guests can place their snaps and write you a goodwill message – a wonderful memory of your evening.

• Instead of wedding favours, you could put fun money by every guest’s place name which they can swap for poker and roulette chips in the Casino room and then start playing when the entertainment begins. Fun money is a sure way to break the ice and get the conversation flowing between guests who don’t know one another.

• When you decide on your wedding cake, you could carry through the Casino theme through to it too. Get a copy of yourselves in your wedding outfits to top the cake and you could even use diamonds, hearts, clubs and spades images as decoration on the sides.

• On arrival at your wedding reception you could get your guests in the mood by serving cocktails (invented during Prohibition in the USA to hide the drinking of forbidden alcohol).

• If you have a sweetie table, carry through the theme. Maybe have a lucky dip for the children with sweets. Or have a fruit machine that dispenses chocolates and bon bons if you get the symbols aligned.

• A Casino theme offers plenty of potential for fun and entertainment and is sure to give your guests a wedding reception to remember.