Did you go through a phase of wanting to be a Disney princess when you were growing up? Were you Ariel, Snow White, Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty?

One of the most recent Disney films with a fabulous heroine is ‘Frozen’ which has a fantastic look and colour scheme that you might like to think about for your wedding, especially if you are marrying in December, January or February – during the winter months when there is likely to be frost and snow around.

Here’s some ideas on how to get the look.

‘Frozen’ has a colour palette of snow whites, silver, interspersed with purples, pinks and metallic blues.


Announcing your wedding day

This is a very creative theme to use as a base for your wedding invitations and stationery. You could use a crown on the outside of your envelopes or as a logo on the top of the invitations. For colours you’ve a lot to choose – winter whites, ice blues, arctic greens and maybe a touch of deep red or plum. It’s your call.

Don’t feel the envelopes and invitations have to be the same colour either – think about a contrast, and that goes for reply cards too if you’re including them.

On the day itself, you can continue the colour theme through to your seating plan (maybe think about naming each table after a ‘Frozen’ Disney character) and through to the order of service sheets. Be creative and if you haven’t seen ‘Frozen’, take time to watch the film for inspiration.

What to wear

If you’re going for a traditional white or ivory wedding dress, think about accessories like sparkly chandelier earrings in a pale aquamarine. It’s likely to be chilly on your big day, so how about wrapping up in a pashmina or wedding cape in a soft blue, silver or a pale purple?

As for your hair, this is really time to consider wearing a glittering tiara so you get the winter snow queen look. Tiaras come in all types of styles – try on a few to see what suits you best. You could opt for a contemporary shape rather than a Kate Middleton classic.

Your bridesmaids can continue the theme by using ‘Frozen’ colours. Mismatch (deliberately) the colours on your bridesmaids dresses. Think mauves, Tiffany blue, deep pinks, silver. Don’t worry about using different shades – the theme will hang it all together.

And for your tables?

This is where you can really indulge yourself with decorations. Look out for symbols of winter – snow globes (you might like to offer these as wedding favours), reindeer, tea lights in crystal holders to give a diffused brightness and snowflake sprinkles on the table. One of our stylists would be able to help you here and will have some props you can investigate (so you don’t have to invest in buying accessories you’re only likely to use once).

If you’re marrying around Christmas-time, you could use coloured baubles on your tables (these also make great wedding favours, attach a name tag to each to show guests where they are sitting). Think silver, arctic white and ice blue.

Anna, the heroine in ‘Frozen’ was a princess so of course she had a crown. Maybe you could put decorative crowns on your tables – as napkin rings. Or use them on your wedding stationery as an emblem.


Remember that in the winter months the evenings are dark. Which is actually perfect for creating a winter palace atmosphere. Decorate your top tables with white fairy lights and add lights around doorways and windows. Use candles whenever possible – maybe a line of lanterns leading up to the entrance to your reception to give guests a warm welcome.


Chairs are often an after thought when decorating your wedding reception but they really shouldn’t be, as they are key to creating a look and style. If your reception has plain chairs, ask one of our stylists to decorate with plain white slip covers – and then embellish with your ‘Frozen’ theme by adding gauze sashes around the backs – maybe tied in a ribbon style (like a Disney heroine). Don’t feel you have to have one colour either – watch the film ‘Frozen’ and see what colours appeal to you – here we’ve used a turquoise blue contrasting with a deep plum.

On the other hand you could pick out chairs in the French style – in gold or silver – or maybe just have these as thrones for you and your bridegroom (a bit like Posh and Becks on their wedding day). Again, this is something your Ambience stylist can source for you.


Entertainment for children is a must at a wedding these days, particularly on a long winter afternoon. So set up a chill-out room for them at your reception with a wide screen TV – playing a DVD of ‘Frozen’ of course!