Theming your wedding around a base colour is a simple but effect way to make sure your look is perfectly coordinated…

Different colours work well at different times of year – we’d say rich reds, greens and deep blues in winter and then lighter pastels and brights in the spring and summer.

One colour that translates well through winter and summer though is indigo – a shade of purple.

Getting Started

The first way to announce your wedding theme is via your stationery – by which we mean your save the dates, invitations, order of service sheets, menus, seating plans and ultimately your thank you notes.

If you’re opting for an indigo theme then work the colours into every aspect – either by choosing an indigo tint for your stationery, or say an indigo coloured ribbon detail, indigo text on white or indigo coloured envelopes. A good stationer will be able to advise you on the best way of achieving this and there is plenty of opportunity for creativity when you’re using a block colour.

Key Details

Next of course is The Dress. Now we’re not saying that you should opt for a purple wedding dress (although of course it’s your call!) However an understated yet effective way of working a vibrant colour into your wedding look is by wearing coloured shoes.

It makes sense when you think about it. You’re probably investing a significant amount on your wedding shoes and if you go for white or ivory, you may not wear them much again. Opt for a colour and you can splash out on Jimmy Choos or Louboutins knowing that you’ll be able to wear them over and over again at posh events.

So investigate wearing an indigo pair of wedding shoes – which would look fabulous peeping out from under your skirts. If you’d like a pair of shoes dyed, check out Rainbow Club who specialise in dying wedding shoes just about any colour you can think of.

And what about your bridesmaids? We’d say this is when an ombre look might just come into its own. Dress your maids in varying shades of purple or if you want to opt for the same colour, then let them wear different styles of bridesmaid dresses to suit their individual figures. So some strapless, some one shoulder, some sweetheart neckline.

We think that the bridegroom should really be in charge of what his groomsmen wear, but you could drop a subtle hint about your indigo wedding theming so that they could complete the picture in the right shade of waistcoat, cravat or tie (even socks). You’ll find coloured groomswear at shops like Dessy.

A good way of getting your colours right is by using Pantone colour swatches which you can share with your wedding planner and Ambience Venue stylist to make sure you’re getting the shades bang on.

indigo pantone swatch

You can buy Pantone swatches in your chosen colour from Dessy



This is where a colour like indigo really comes into its own.

First off, you’re going to find plenty of flowers in indigo shades. For starters, depending on the time of year, there are chrysanthemums, roses, hyacinths, anenomes, orchids, dahlias, iris, hydrangeas, gerberas … talk to your florist about what would work for you.

Give your ceremony the wow factor by draping the ends of the pews or chairs with indigo coloured gauze embellished with blooms. If you’re getting married in winter, you could have indigo coloured candles in lanterns outside lighting the way.  Your stylist would put candles in coloured containers to give out light in just the right hues – and by handing over to him or her, it’s one job less for you to have to do.

At your wedding reception, you could opt for chair covers in indigo with contrasting sashes or decorate the existing chairs if you like them with indigo ribbons.

Obviously, your stylist can source indigo coloured tablecloths and napkins for you. You could also check out indigo charger plates to set the look.

Tucking a flower into a guest’s napkin in lieu of a favour looks very pretty and lavender or one of your chosen indigo flowers would work well here.

And if you are giving out wedding favours, then maybe tie them with a slip of indigo ribbon. We’ve seen mini pots of pansies being offered as wedding favours (and they’re purple of course) so tie the pot with its own indigo sash and attach a name tag for each guest (so they double up as place settings).

As you can see, an indigo wedding theme is highly versatile.  Our stylists will have plenty of ideas for different ways of using it and there’ll be somebody local to you to help you along.

In the meantime, happy wedding planning!