Are you a little bit bohemian? A little bit alternative maybe? An original?

Then you sound like a quirky type of a person. And if you’re reading this, then you’re probably a quirky bride in the making!

You want to organise your wedding your way. You’re happy to do the main things in a conventional way – a service, wearing a wedding dress, having a cake, holding a bouquet …

But you want everything to have that touch of originality…

Thinking Quirky

Having an unusual wedding theme is a great way of getting things off the ground. Think about what you and your partner love – is there a common interest that brought you together? One couple loved comic books and super hero movies, so it seemed obvious to have a super hero wedding. They used comic book strips as invitations, called the tables after super heroes – Superman, Batman, The Incredibles … wedding favours were created to match and the bride wore superhero garters.

If you like this idea, there’s plenty of scope for making it your own – and if you want your guests to get in on the act you could ask them to dress as their favourite super hero too!

Quirky Touches

Of course, you don’t have to theme your whole wedding around quirky. You could have quirky little touches instead.

For example, you could DIY paper buttonholes for your guests (here’s a tutorial here) and then have them on a tray outside the ceremony so they can help themselves. (These are great to DIY because you can make them well in advance – you don’t want to have any DIY wedding stuff that you have to do at the last minute in a hurry – think ahead.)

For your table centres, use paper flowers again – or if you want to stick with real flowers, you could use paper flowers as name place cards (they’ll also double up to make attractive wedding favours).

You might have decided to have a photobooth to entertain your guests. So how about making some of your own props? (Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting that you embark on a course of hatmaking!) You could create fun paper bow ties and long ties on sticks so that guests can hold them up in front of the camera. Cut them out of any paper you like that suits your colour theme (actually if you were going down the super hero theme you could create them from comic book paper).

Getting A Sign

Signage is very useful at a wedding. You’ll need to show guests where the ceremony is, where to park, where the loos are, where to hang their coats, where they’re sitting… the list goes on.

So instead of having standard signs, you could make these a little humorous and quirky too. If you don’t want to create your own DIY signs, your stylist will be able to provide you with different options. You could also use small blackboards with funny quirky messages for your guests…

Quirky Stationery

Save The Dates are not only useful for a wedding – we all lead such busy lives and have such full diaries nowadays that it’s crucial to let your guests know well in advance where you’re getting married and when, so that they can make plans (and you have the people there you really want). Gone are the days when you sent your invitations out six to eight weeks before you got married – nowadays it’s advisable to give people a year’s notice, particularly if you’re having a destination wedding or getting married in the summer holidays.

And you can certainly make your Save The Date quirky – they don’t have to match your wedding stationery. You could have a simple idea like a photograph of two of you taken in a photo booth, holding up the date of your wedding on a board with a Save The Date instruction. This idea is inexpensive and effective and perfect for DIY. Then just scan in the image and e mail it to all your guests (emails are quite acceptable for Save The Dates) or you can print it out onto card and e mail.

And A Few Other Quirky Wedding Touches

Here’s a quick list to be thinking about; wearing coloured wedding shoes; a coloured petticoat peeping out from under your wedding dress; unusual buttonholes for the bridegroom (a small sunflower?); a cheese tower instead of a tiered wedding cake or maybe both, so sweet and savoury toothed guests are happy; bridegroom in a pastel coloured suit …

Remember it’s your wedding day and your style. If you need any inspiration, then get in touch with one of our talented wedding stylists who will certainly have some original ideas to make your wedding day quirky and fresh …. they’ll also have many of the props you need like signage, chalkboards … and can style your venue up in whatever way you wish – even with wedding chair covers and sashes in Superman or Batman colourways!

You’ll find your local venue stylist here.