Are you getting married around July time? Love everything American? Hot dogs, hamburgers, movies, movie stars, cartoons …

Then how about having a USA themed wedding day? And if you’re getting married on 4th July, which as you know is American Independence Day, then it would be a really perfect idea.

Red, White and Blue are your palette colours

Use these shades as your base and you can’t go wrong. And of course, you can feature the American Stars & Stripes flag too. Put it on your stationery as a border. Have a white invitation with a blue invitation inside and a red reply card.

Don’t forget to use iconic American images too. Maybe the statue of Liberty. The Hollywood sign.

And what are you, your bridesmaids and groom’s party going to wear?

This could be the time to put your maids in on trend mismatched bridesmaids dresses, in shades of scarlet, white and royal blue to match the American flag. Mix it up with their shoes as well, maybe blue shoes with a red dress and vice versa. If you really want to embrace the American way, maybe they could wear cowboy boots. It all depends on how formal a wedding you’re having and how far you want to want to work the theme through.

With your groomsmen, they could wear red, white and blue waistcoats. And if they’re not wearing morning coats then you can really have some fun. Think about coloured braces – which would add a great twist if they’re wearing lounge suits, particularly when they take their jackets off for dancing later.

Thinking about food and your wedding theme

At your reception,  your guests could be greeted by traditional popcorn in stars and stripes style popcorn containers. Sweet and savoury, Popcorn is a popular snack just now with good reason. Instead of sparkling wine, how about some tubs nearby with American beers, Budweiser  or Rolling Rock. And for soft drinks there’s classic Coca Cola of course but serve it in small traditional glass bottles with candy striped straws for maximum effect.

An American style wedding theme is the time to think about having a barbecue or buffet rather than a sit-down meal. It’s about informality rather than formal.

If you have a lot of young guests, then this is certainly a good theme to choose. Young kids don’t much like sitting down at a table for hours on end, so a buffet with hamburgers, hot dogs would work much better. You could also have a fabulous cake bar with American style doughnuts and brownies, malt milk shakes and ice cream sundaes. Think of the kind of food you’d have in an American diner.

If this is your dream, then approaching one of our venue stylists would be the perfect way to help you realise it, so you really get the look right. They’ll dress your room with stars and stripes banners, put colour co-ordinated chair sashes on the chairs and maybe suggest some other ideas, like a wall screen playing scenes from traditional American movies in the background (the Hollywood classics with movie stars like Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe) and get the dancing going with scenes from Grease or Dirty Dancing.

They could even set up a diner style area in one corner – with high stools and serving bar, where the waiting staff could serve hot chocolate fudge sundaes, brownies or whatever is your fancy.

Dancing the night away

To get everyone dancing and ring the changes a bit, how about having a barn dance with a caller at your wedding reception? It’s something that everyone could join in with, the old and the young, and you could have a disco as well if you wanted.

A barn dance means that nobody gets left out – you don’t really need a partner as everyone just gets up – and a caller will talk everybody through the steps in advance which aren’t difficult so it’s easy to get the hang of it. And of course a barn dance is very American and traditional.

As you can see, an American theme gives you lots of choices and inspiration for a really memorable day and if you’re not into formality it’s perfect. And if one of you is American so much the better.

Our stylists are based all over the country so there’s certain to be one that’s local to you – have a look here and see who you can get in touch with. They’ll have all the props and ideas you’re after, so you don’t have to spend money on styling your wedding yourself with stuff that you’re unlikely to use again and you’ll also know that your reception area will be taken care of and look beautifully professional when you arrive after the ceremony, without you having to do anything yourself.