Some things never seem to go out of fashion. They’re classics. We’re thinking Mini Cooper cars, Ugg boots, Brad Pitt, diamonds and vintage style.

Vintage has stood the test of time

That’s why it’s a classic for a wedding theme. You can adapt the look to suit yourself. Most of all, a vintage theme gives you the opportunity to be entirely individual.

How to get the look

Think about your wedding dress. If you’re really going down the vintage route, you might want to look at vintage wedding dresses. And you can be almost 100% sure that nobody else is going to wear the same bridal gown as you.

Maybe your grandmother wore a dress you like? Perhaps you could have it altered?

A classic vintage look is 1920’s style with a dropped waistline. Or maybe something more 1930’s inspired, cut on the bias and slinky. If you’re a little more quirky, maybe you want to look into a 1950’s style dress.

Your shoes form part of the look as well. They might be strappy Mary Janes that would look good with a 1920’s frock or a 1950’s number. Or maybe some elegant, metallic heels. Or something eyecatching in red.

Old-fashioned flowers

For truly vintage florals, think of handtied bouquets. You don’t want anything too formal and structured here. It’s more ¬†blooms like cabbage roses that smell wonderful. Cottage garden flowers (peonies, daisies and cornflowers) tied together in an artless bunch.

At your reception, avoid pedestals of floral displays – think of garlands and posies tied onto chairbacks.

And for your Guests

Google vintage wedding invitations and you’re sure to find plenty of inspiration to put on your Pinterest board. Then think about how you can welcome your guests at your reception.

For a guest book with a vintage touch that is a little bit different, have a vintage, old-fashioned typewriter (like the one your grandmother learned to type on) set up, so guests can type you a good will message.

On arrival, have vintage music playing. Maybe an old-fashioned 1920’s style jazz band with a crooner. You could even have a vinyl record player on standby for guests to choose music. Or perhaps a jukebox?

You’ll want to set up your top table so it stands out. So how about having vintage style lettering on the back of your seats (for the bride and groom) with the letters spelling out your names – or just Mr and Mrs?

Finding the props you need

It’s the detail that’s going to make the difference and this is where one of our experienced wedding venue stylists could really help you out.

They’ll have all the styling props you’re going to want – so you don’t have to go to the bother of trawling through Ebay or Amazon to find the right stuff (or early mornings at car boot sales!)

Vintage typewriter. Check. Vintage cake stands to display your wedding cake to perfection. Check. Advice and a shoulder to lean on when you’re feeling stressed. Check again.

Our stylists have put weddings together for hundreds of brides so they really know what they’re doing. And yet they’re creative so that every wedding is a little bit different. No two are ever the same.

And if you’re going down the vintage route then this is just what you’ll be wanting.

Whether you’re marrying in a marquee, a hotel, a stately home or at home – they’ll make your wedding space perfect with props like colour co-ordinated chair sashes, light curtains, creative signage, aisle runners… whatever you need.

And if you’re not sure how your space will translate into working as a vintage style area, then show them some pictures. They can do all sorts of clever things with ideas like room draping, to transform even the dullest of interiors into something spectacular.

So get in touch with your local stylist today and talk things through. You’re under no obligation but making that call might be one of the best wedding planning moves you’ve made. And if you want things to look truly vintage on your wedding day, then you know you’re going to get the look just right.