So what’s the X Factor got to do with weddings you may be thinking?

Well, just like the TV show, it’s about having that special something that rises you above the rest and makes you memorable, different and highly individual. Think about it as the X-tra factor in fact.

And how can you do that?

To start with, we suggest that you write down all the things that make you who you are.

You could have a particular hobby or interest (which might be what brought you and your other half together).

Maybe you love photography. Maybe you both love travelling to exotic places. Maybe you have a lot of pets. Or maybe you’re both a bit boho in your daily style.

Think about ways that you can build this into your wedding day.

Do what you love

For example, if you love photography, maybe you could use some of your best photographs in your wedding styling. Put a different photograph on each table and call the table after it – eg Cornwall 2012, Thailand 2013… you get the picture.

Or if you’re a bit boho in your style, then bring that into the way you dress. There’s no hard and fast rule that says the bridegroom has to wear a sensible grey suit on his wedding day. In fact, this is the time to splash out and buy the suit you’ve always wanted and if that’s checked plaid then bring it on. Far better to buy a dream of a suit that you’re going to wear time and time again rather than something a bit dull that you don’t really love that’s going to languish expensively in your wardrobe.

With girls the same applies, particularly to wedding shoes. Again, you absolutely don’t have to wear traditional white or cream wedding shoes. If you’ve always wanted Louboutins or Jimmy Choos then go for it one tip though, buy shoes in a metallic shade and you’ll get a lot more wear out of them in the future. Metallics look great with a wedding dress, go with anything and they’re actually a very practical base colour. If you buy the shoes you love, you’ll enjoy wearing them over and over again, and there’s nothing like fabulous shoes to lift an outfit into the stratosphere of style.

Consider your wedding guests

In a funny way, your day isn’t all about you. Well, yes it is but you also have to consider the needs and comforts of your wedding guests. This might be something as simple as providing umbrellas outside the venue, reception or church so they can keep dry whilst they are to-ing and fro-ing. And if you are having children at your wedding, it’s preplanning like having a special children’s menu (you can ask the parents about this one) for the under-fives. Decorating the childrens’ table differently (which is where one of our stylists will have some good ideas). Having a children’s entertainer and certainly thinking carefully about wedding favours for children (which could just be as simple as colouring books and Lego).

You’re probably planning to have dancing at your wedding which means that you might have to clear some of the wedding tables away to make room for the DJ/band or dancefloor.

Now the thing about wedding guests is that they like to have a base – so you’ll still need to provide somewhere for them to sit if their wedding table has been cleared away. Also bear in mind that bands and music can be pretty noisy and many people will want to sit and chat. Which they won’t be able to do if they’re competing with the DJ decibels.

So have a chill-out area away from the dance floor where you can serve tea, coffee (oh and wedding cake of course) that is quiet, comfortable and peaceful. A lot of guests at your wedding will have a lot of catching up to do with one another, so they’ll welcome the opportunity for a good gossip.

Giving your venue the X Factor

Have you found the perfect venue that’s affordable, the right size, in the perfect location? But… Well the but might be that although it’s all of these things, you don’t have the most beautiful room of your dreams. Maybe you’re hiring the local village hall and think it lacks a bit of charm.

This is exactly where our stylists can sweep in to give your venue the X Factor, using tips and skills like room draping. Just as it sounds, they’ll drape an interior to transform it from something drab into a fairyland. Don’t forget the power of lighting either. Mood lighting can completely change the feel of a room, so our stylists will have all sorts of ideas for using light curtains as focal points.

You might not have considered using a wedding stylist but if you want to give your venue the X Factor that it’s certainly something you should consider. Call today for a no obligation chat and see what ideas you both come up with. We’re almost certainly going to have a stylist located near you.