Are you marrying in the spring? Do you want everything to look fresh and vibrant on your wedding day – with the colours of Spring and the promise of something new?

Do you love pastel shades? Pale yellows, pinks, blues, lilacs?

Or maybe you’re a bit of a vintage kind of a bride? You like the appeal of past decades – the fashion and style – and you’d like to work that into your wedding day theme.

Well – in that case, we’ve got the perfect theme for you

Decorate your big day using a yellow polka dot wedding theme and you’ll be combining the freshness of a spring wedding day, a hint of vintage and you’ll also be benefiting from a look that’s not going to go out of style any day soon (which is good news for your wedding photographs which you don’t want to date too much).

Let’s think about your wedding stationery first

You could go the whole way, and have an invitation with a polka dot envelope and a polka dot card. But we think in this instance it’s best to have a bit of subtlety. Maybe introduce some polka dot detail – a ribbon, a border.

You could however have a yellow tint as a background to help to hold the whole look together.

Then for your wedding order of service sheets, your seating plans and your table settings you can use more polka dot detail.

And what about your wedding dress? Your bridesmaids?

You could have a subtle lemon yellow sash – and maybe polka dot bows on your wedding shoes? Or if you’re a purist and want to remain traditional, then investigate polka dot sashes for your maids or hair accessories.

Maybe tie your bouquet with a trailing polka dot ribbon in lemon yellow. If you’re having flower girls, they could carry baskets of yellow and white confetti tied around with a yellow polka dot bow.

For the bridegroom and his party however, they could have polka dot cravats, neckties and bow ties. And maybe even polka dot socks?

The beauty of this theme is that it’s not expensive to put together. You can find polka dot accessories in many shops and online and you can use it in your theme as much or as little as you want to.

Thinking about food at your wedding reception

On your wedding cake, you could have a ribbon around your cake – or have sections iced to create a polka dot effect.

And what if you think you need a little help to get the look right?

How about if you’re thinking: “Well, I can do the invitations and sort my bridesmaids – but I’m not so sure how to get the effect at the reception… ”

Well, from lemon yellow polka dot chair sashes through to lanterns in yellow and white shades to create the perfect effect on the ceiling, our stylists are here to help.

One of the great things about using them is that a) you don’t have to source anything yourself because that’s their job and b) they already have props at their disposal to add those all-important finishing touches.

yellow and silver Chiavari Chair Styling

Just some of the ways we work with yellow chair sashes …

And as far as chair covers go – well you couldn’t really be in touch with anybody more suitable. Our stylists have a rainbow of chair covers and sashes to choose from. So say, you want a polka dot theme in yellow – but want to alternate your chair covers in white and matching yellow with polka dot sashes. No problem.

Or you want table covers to suit the theme? Or napkins in polka dot yellow – or maybe ribbons to tie the napkins.

Our stylists will source it all for you – as well as props like postboxes for wedding cards at the reception, cake stands … even festival style flags. You don’t have to invest your own precious time and money finding any of it – they’ll do it for you and style up your wedding day in the way you’ve always dreamed of.

It’s not expensive either – just get in touch with one of our stylists local to you and have a chat. You won’t be under any pressure but you may find this is one telephone call you made to help you plan your wedding that makes all the difference.