Now we’re not suggesting that you have a menagerie of animals to help you get a zoo wedding theme.

You really don’t need to have elephants, leopards, flamingos or other wild creatures walking around at your wedding reception interesting though that would be!

However a zoo wedding theme does have plenty of opportunities and potential

Firstly, you could get married in a zoo – for a start ZSL London Zoo is available for hire and there are plenty of other zoos around the country that are licensed for weddings.

Booking your wedding at a Zoo means that you won’t have to worry too much about entertaining your wedding guests during the reception, particularly if you’re having children at your wedding.

Next, consider the way a zoo theme could help you choose your wedding stationery.

If you’re a bit funky and alternative you could have animal print wedding invitations, maybe a slightly subtle border of leopard or zebra print framing the outside of the invitation? Or around the envelope perhaps?

You could use this further on your seating plans, your place settings, and your thank-you notes.

Of course you could also name your wedding tables after animals!

Another touch could be to have leopard print accessories, maybe leopard print shoes for the bridesmaids and leopard print ties for the bridegroom and his party. Just a thought anyway!

If that sounds a bit too much for you, then what about a peacock colour theme?

You can use rich turquoises, purples, yellows and other jewel shades to give a richly shaded look to your big day.

Use a peacock feather as an emblem on your invitations and use the colours for wedding accessories, invitations and maybe even your wedding flowers.

Your bridesmaids could have different coloured dresses in these tones, and maybe shoes that could either match or contrast. This is certainly a case where you can mismatch your bridesmaids dresses – they certainly don’t have to wear all the same colour, in fact peacock colours work better if they don’t.

Another way of putting together a zoo wedding theme is by using a particular animal as a motif. If you’ve always loved elephants, then this is the time for them to take centre stage. Put an elephant image on your wedding stationery and maybe give little elephants as wedding favours. In fact, as wedding favours for a children’s table, you could put together little packs of inexpensive plastic zoo animals along with zoo-themed books.

If you want to dispense with wedding favours and would rather give the money to charity, there are plenty of elephant charities to support.

Another animal that lends itself well to weddings is a giraffe – again use it as a motif.

Creating a zoo wedding theme in all its forms and making it come to life is certainly something that our talented and experienced wedding stylists would be able to help you with.

If you’ve decided to have your wedding in a zoo, our stylists will help you to decorate the venue beautifully. For animal print themes they will source table fabrics, napkins, centrepieces, room draping, lighting, chair sashes and ties so that the look all hangs together.

Hotel du Vin Blue Taffeta with peacock feather - Ambience Venue Styling Brighton

This one is by a Brighton-based Ambience Venue stylist

For a peacock theme we’ve decorated plenty of weddings in jewel colours, our stylists will help you get the look you’re after using just the right rich hues. You could have peacock feathers on the table settings or tuck a feather into each napkin.

Our stylists could even look in to the possibility of having peacocks walking around the grounds of the reception!

Just remember that we can help you have a wedding that looks just the way you want it to. As well as zoo wedding themes, our stylists, we can also help with coloured wedding themes and have many other ideas to decorate your big day.

Get in touch for a no obligation chat – there’s certain to be one of our wedding stylists that is local to you.

Oh, and finally. If you’re stuck for ideas on where to go on your honeymoon, then you can complete a zoo wedding theme by heading off on safari!