With all the wacky and outrageous wedding themes there are around nowadays – we’re thinking of Game of Thrones wedding themes, Superheroes wedding themes and even a Toy Story wedding theme – you could be forgiven for thinking that it’s all getting a bit too much. Too complicated, fussy and not your style at all.

And in many ways we’d agree with you.

Of course there are some brides who are not particularly traditional, for whom the idea of wearing a classic white wedding dress, having ivory wedding invitations and an iced tier cake, is completely boring and they’re welcome to their Game of Thrones wedding themes or whatever they fancy.

But that’s not to say wedding themes aren’t a good idea

On the contrary, used properly, they’re actually a really good way of planning your wedding and simplifying everything. Here’s a few reasons why;

  • Once you’ve got your theme in place, then you’ll find everything falls into place around it
  • There are some really simple ways to theme your wedding day. You can do it by colour, by style (rustic) or by season
  • Our stylists can help your theme really come to life with their accessories
  • Your wedding theme can be the basis of your invitations, your dress, your venue, your décor, your food as much as you want

Beach themed wedding centrepieces

So how can you decide what’s for you?

One really good way is to start a Pinterest board just entitled “My Wedding”. And you can keep it private too.

At this stage you don’t want any preconceptions on how you’d want your wedding day to look. Just browse the web and when you see an image you like pin it to your wedding board.

Once you’ve got 50 or so images pinned you’re likely to see some similarities emerging – which may surprise you.

confetti cones

Maybe you’re most of a country bride than you realised

If you’ve dismissed yourself as a pastel kind of a bride, you might find that a monochrome wedding in chic black and white is starting to appeal. (And a black and white wedding is actually one of the simplest themes to organise. It’s also very visually effective.)

Alternatively, having thought of yourself as something of a city girl, you might find that your inclination is veering towards a country style or festival style wedding day.

festival wedding

Festival wedding styling by one of our professionals…

One thing we’d certainly say you should keep an open mind on when it comes to planning your wedding is deciding on your wedding dress. Although you may always have dreamed of a certain style, make sure you try on all the gowns that are suggested to you in the wedding dress shop – the assistants are very experienced and will be able to see at a glance what would suit your face and figure, and flatter your best bits!

Once you’ve got your Pinterest board up and running, you might like to show the ideas you’ve put together to a close friend, your sister or your mum. But maybe not your fiancé unless you really are planning the wedding together – you may want to keep some aspects back as a surprise.

Then it’s time to give us a call and see how one of our stylists can help you.

First off, we’d like to say that using a stylist isn’t a major expense and in fact it can save you money. For example, if you want your wedding aisles lined with lanterns then our stylists will have these in their ‘props cupboard’. The alternative would be that you had to trawl eBay for something similar spending some of your precious budget in the process. And to be honest, what are you going to do with 10 lanterns after the wedding anyway?

wedding post box

Our stylists have all the props you want – so you won’t have to source or buy items like a wedding post box

Our stylists are also supreme at dressing a room – with chair sashes in your dream colours and room drapes to turn a dull space into a fairy tale. They’re also clever with lighting and can drape curtains and ropes of lights around to add a different focus to an interior.

If you’d think you’d like to theme your wedding but still aren’t entirely sure how to, then this is also something you can discuss with a stylist. They’ll show you images of other weddings they’ve styled so you can pick out the aspects that really appeal to you and add your own flourishes and flair to make your wedding day individual to you.

And that’s really what wedding theming is about, making your wedding day themed around you and your partner as individuals.