There are so many different ways to style your wedding day. You can be a real traditionalist and keep things classic, with white lace, roses, an ivory tiered wedding cake… Or you could do something a little bit more quirky.

If you’re looking for some different ideas for wedding themes, then read on. We’ve searched out some that might just suit you perfectly.

Superhero wedding theme

Your superheroes? Photograph by The Brand Studio

A Superhero wedding theme

Maybe it’s the rise and rise of Marvel films but superhero themes are really having a moment. You don’t have to go all out to have a Superman and Wonder Woman themed wedding day though. One nice idea we’re starting to see is the groom, his best man and ushers wearing superhero themed t-shirts under their formal wear, and then taking off their shirts at a key moment when they hit the dance floor perhaps? This is a fun theme and it’s very easy to replicate by getting some t-shirts printed up beforehand. Just make sure it’s kept a secret!

You could also give your young pageboys and flower girls superhero costumes to wear at the wedding reception put them by their places on the reception tables. They will be super delighted!

Of course, if you like the superhero idea then you could add it to as many aspects of your wedding day as you want. We like the idea of themed wedding invitations, like these ones shown here.

And a superhero themed sweetie table would be just perfect. You can buy the sweets you want and then dress up the jars with stickers. Dressing up themed sweetie tables is something our wedding stylists are being asked to do more and more.

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If you’re having a wedding photo booth, you could make the props superhero style. For example Batman, Iron Man, Captain America masks, Wonder Woman crowns and Spiderman head covers…


Letter box by A Sign of Joy on Etsy

Sherbet shades

This is a new take on pastel colours, it’s pastels with a twist and a colour combo theme we’re seeing a lot more of. Think of sherbet sweets and you’ll get the idea. In fact for this one you should DEFINITELY have a sweetie table.

You can have so much fun with this theme. Dress your bridesmaids in sherbet colours it’s much better if they are mixed and matched than just a single shade. This of course means they can choose colours that will suit their complexions best.

sherbert coloured bridesmaid dresses

Bridesmaids dresses in sherbet shades by Dessy

As for cakes, it’s your call. Have a tiered cake with a different sherbet colour on each section or have it made in a single shade, decorated with different sherbet colours. To get this theme working really well we suggest that you choose some Pantone sherbet colours you like and share them with your stylist, cake maker, florist.

Who doesn’t love sherbet flying saucers!


We’re seeing a lot of green foliage being used and botanical themes around. Tables are being decorated with long swathes of green foliage, which is continuing up overhead, on ceiling décor, chairs and around wedding cake tables. It’s a beautiful way to decorate a wedding venue and has the advantage of being slightly less expensive than using blooms.

Rudby Hall Teeside

Styling at Rudby Hall by Ambience Teesside

Brides are also using greens more and more in their wedding bouquets. If they’re marrying outdoors under a gazebo, then a foliage filled wedding arch is a must and makes a fantastic backdrop for the wedding photographs too.

Bridesmaids can wear pale green frocks and maybe shoes in greens of different shades.

This is a fabulous way to get an ombre effect use every shade of green for dresses from a pale mint through to a deep forest green, so your bridesmaids (who might range from blonde through to the darkest hair) can choose colours they’ll feel really happy to wear.