One of the most important rules to stick to when planning your wedding is sticking to your budget.

Yes, we know it may sound dull when you want to splash out and have the day of your dreams but you really don’t want to start off married life with a big debt. So keeping to the budget you’ve set beforehand is key.

And to help you along, today we’re writing about inexpensive wedding themes, ways to save money when you’re putting your wedding together that will help you to push the wedding budget that bit further.

Why a seasonal wedding theme will help you stay on budget

What do we mean by a seasonal wedding theme? Well, if you’re marrying in autumn, then it’s all about having an autumn wedding theme. Consider choosing shades like copper, russet, deep reds and rich browns for your bridesmaid dresses, accessories and reception dècor. Make sure the food that you ask for is in season for example apple crumble makes wonderful bowl food. And as for flowers, choose blooms like chrysanthemums that are easily available, so no spring flowers here, although roses are always in season.

autumn wedding colours

Autumn wedding colours – Photography by Michelle Turner.

If you are having a spring wedding then consider blues, yellows and whites for colours to reflect what is going on outside in nature. And for flowers, think daffodils, hyacinths and blossom.

What else makes for inexpensive wedding themes?

Apart from using the seasons to inspire you, you can also use a simple colour. How about silver or metallics? You could give your bridesmaids metallic shoes to wear and you too if you wish, have metallic hair accessories and use plenty of bronze, silver and gold shades on your wedding invitations and stationery.

If you’d like your guests to participate, just ask them to wear something metallic in bronze, silver or gold or whichever theme you decide to go with.


Our stylist used silvery sashes at this wedding

Another wedding theme that can save you money is a DIY wedding theme although we’d say you always have to watch this one.

DIY is a great idea, up to a point. You just want to make sure that you aren’t spending a lot of your time and money buying all the bits and pieces you need for “DIY-ing” and having to take chunks of time off work to put it all together. If that ends up being the case then you might as well buy stuff readymade.

However if you are a natural crafter and have always wanted a DIY wedding then there are certainly ways this can save you money.

inexpensive wedding themes cake

Decorate a plain supermarket iced cake with fresh flowers

Take your wedding cake for example. You can now buy some amazing cakes in the supermarkets that are ready iced in white icing, all ready to decorate.

Buy three in different sizes and you’ve already got your wedding tier. Then decorate it with fresh flowers, you don’t need to worry about complicated icing.

At your reception, you could also have a DIY cake table. Ask your baking friends to make brownies, cupcakes, flapjacks, whatever is their expertise and then display them on a cake table for guests to help themselves.

wedding cake table

Ask your baking friends to make little cakes

Your cars can also come under the DIY wedding umbrella. How? Think about who you know with an interesting car. Maybe a classic car? A sporty soft top? Ask them if they’d be happy to drive you to and from your wedding reception, it could be a wedding gift to you. All you’d have to do is buy some wide ribbon to dress the car up in its wedding finery.

Your flowers could also be DIY, up to a point. Although we don’t suggest you embark on making your own wedding bouquet. If you’re having a country style wedding, you can put seasonal blooms in jam jars on your wedding tables, bunches of daffodils, sprigs of blossom, Pinterest is great for inspiration.

wedding flowers at reception

Image via David Bostock Photography

An inexpensive wedding theme is also something our wedding stylists can help you with. Now this might seem contrary but in fact our wedding stylists almost always earn their fee by saving their clients money.

First off, a wedding stylist will be able to look critically at your wedding venue and how you’d like it to look and tell you exactly what you will need and more importantly, what you won’t.

You also won’t need to spend your hard-earned budget and time buying props like lanterns, backdrops, luxury linen or flower vases as our stylists will have these all to hand.

In fact, they will help you to get your wedding in on budget and looking exactly as you want. Get in touch today, you are under no obligation and wouldn’t you just like to chat your ideas through with an expert?