If you want your wedding photographs to look classical and timeless, then you need to avoid some of the wedding trends doing the rounds right now.

Some wedding trends are great though – like mismatched bridesmaids dresses, coloured wedding shoes, diy-ing some (but limiting it) of your wedding.

Others are worth a miss, here’s what we think you can do without.

1. Organising a very expensive hen party that demands your girls fly off abroad somewhere or spend a good few days in a spa with credit card busting treatments. You only have to watch that classic film ‘Bridesmaids’ to see how that one can go down with girls who are having to count the pennies and can’t afford to drop a few hundred pounds on a hen do.

Be realistic, sympathetic and organise a hen party all your girls will enjoy and not a big splashy trip. If you really want to do that, just have a few girlfriends along to that part whom you know have a budget to match it.

2. Outlandish wedding themes. We saw a ‘Game of Thrones’ wedding recently. It was obviously just what just the bride and groom wanted and it was a smallish wedding so that was presumably okay. However if you’re having a larger wedding, bear in mind that many guests won’t want to dress up like they’re in a TV drama or a story book.

3. Group wedding photography. All your guests are gathered together a bit like a school class photo. It’s hard to work out who is who and a nightmare to get everybody together. One way around this is to get your photographer to shoot the group from above and get everybody to stand in a heart shape – it makes for a much more interesting image.

4. A tiered white wedding cake. Don’t like the idea? Hate cake? You don’t have to have a cake at all if you don’t want to. Instead you could have an enormous pile of profiteroles instead of a cake. You could have a ‘cheese’ wedding cake or a chocolate wedding cake.

5. Matching the groomsmen’s ties with their buttonholes. Go on, be adventurous. How about a bit of a contrast? Maybe an orange or pink tie with a purple flower? Talk to your florist and get some ideas. You also don’t have to have a rose you know. How about a gerbera or a blue cornflower?

6. Wearing a veil. If you really feel a veil doesn’t suit you then don’t wear one. You could opt for a birdcage veil, a jewelled hairslide or even a statement hat.

7. A white wedding dress. Okay, so this might be a little more controversial but not every bride suits white or ivory. And if you’re getting married second time around you might want to opt for something a little different. How about a blush pink dress or something in baby blue? Or you could wear emerald green, red or grey. You might decide to invest in a dress that you know you’ll wear over and over again, rather than something that really is a one-off.

8. A top table. You don’t have to do this. It can be a bit excruciating in any case, having stilted conversations with people on either side of you and feeling as though you’re on show. We think it’s better to have a bride and groom table, so the two of you can have a private catch up and then work the reception floor and greet your guests as and when you wish.

10. Following wedding trends. You know, you don’t have to. You really should have the wedding YOU want rather than one you read about in a bridal magazine or in a bridal blog. Keep your own ideas, your own dreams and work them into your big day.

Our stylists get to see all sorts of weddings and keep up to date with new wedding trends so they have expert knowledge about what is going to work and what isn’t, what will be classic and what will date.

You can ring them for a no-obligation chat to see what they can do for you and talk about how you want your wedding to look. They’ll have all the props, chair covers, lighting tips to hand so you won’t need to go shopping for things yourself and can spend your money on things you really need.

There will be a wedding stylist near you, so get in touch today.