Wedding traditions and etiquette date back centuries and vary across the world, in this blog we look at Welsh wedding traditions.

Age old traditions are often based on superstition but weddings wise are things that brides and grooms are still doing today.  Like anything in history, it all started with an idea and it evolved to what the tradition is today. It is such an important part of your life becoming a married couple, that any traditions that can be added for ‘luck and good health’ should be as after all, people are and can be very superstitious!

In previous blogs we have looked at the A to Z of wedding traditions and what it all means but we have come across some specific traditions that are used in Wales.

Did you know that…


  • Traditionally a Welsh bride will carry within their bouquet myrtle leaves.  This signifies love in life, she will give her bridesmaid a cutting to plant and if the plant booms the bridesmaid will soon become a bride herself.
  • If a Welsh bride is woken on the morning of her wedding by a bird singing this is seen to be lucky for her.
  • The wedding party will walk to the wedding venue together in a procession with a flower girl sprinkling petals along the walk.  This signifies a happy route in life for the newly married couple.
  • As a ‘dating’ couple and if you wanted to know if you were to marry or lead separate lives a shovel would be placed on top of the fire with two grains of wheat.  The shovel would heat up and then the grains would become hot and pop.  It was said that if the grains jumped off together the couple could expect to be married and if they jumped separately they would lead their separate lives.  This is a very superstitious tradition.
  • We have read that this next tradition is more popular in some areas of Wales than others.  For instance, the more western points of Wales honour this tradition.  Traditionally the brides family will kidnap her on her wedding day just before the ceremony is about to happen.  The groom along with his family will rescue the bride but who ever rescues her will be married themselves within the year.

Are you a Welsh bride or groom?  Is there a tradition that you will be honouring at your wedding that we have missed, let us know it will be great to add to our blog.

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