Gone are the days when you were expected to offer a formal, three course sit-down meal on your wedding day. And hurray to that we say, (although if that’s your thing, then that’s also fine).






Not going the traditional three course dinner route actually has a lot of advantages:

  • You can serve different styles of food so that your guests can pick and choose what they like
  • It’s much easier to cater for vegans and vegetarians
  • The whole atmosphere will be a lot less formal and stilted – as people go up to a buffet to choose their meal, they can effortless chat to other guests and get to know different people
  • You’ll find it easier to cater for children as well. You could have a children’s buffet or let them pick out what they like from the dishes offered to the grown-ups
  • Everybody will be able to find something they like eating – rather than having to put up with the meat or vegetarian option you’ve chosen
  • Buffets can be decorated to look absolutely fantastic and mouthwatering – sometimes formal food served up at a dinner can look a little dull and unappetising. But with a buffet you can create the style you want (and ask your local Ambience stylist to contribute some ideas and props too).
  • You can opt for different styles of cuisine. Have a Thai curry buffet with different meat, vegetarian and fish curries. Then maybe an American burger bar to build your own burger. You could have an Italian section with different pastas and sauces (something young children would almost definitely love). Your caterer will certainly have plenty of ideas. Serve bowl food and your guests will graze happily and chat to other guests easily. You don’t have to worry about different tables lacking in conversation.
  • If you’re having a country-style or festival wedding, then the idea for a buffet is even more relevant. You could have festival-style vans serving up different cuisines and maybe a hog roast in the background.
  • Have different styles of dessert table too. Maybe a table of fresh fruit options – fruit on skewers or fruit salads. Then for the die-hards, you could have a chocoholic buffet, with different tempting chocolate desserts. And perhaps an ice-cream van outside?
  • You can still have table seating with named places … you’ve just added a touch of welcome informality to the day.

Obviously your choice of venue is going to impact to a certain extent on the food you choose. Does your venue allow outside caterers or do they want to handle it all in-house? Could they handle doing a buffet in different styles? How would they feel about an ice-cream van you’ve booked turning up? These are all questions you’re going to need to ask when you go and visit to chat your ideas through.

To add impact to your buffet tables and reflect the style of food you’ve chosen, it’s a really good idea to decorate and style the buffet to match. So for example, for Thai style or Indian food you could have the food displayed on brightly coloured cloths with Eastern style lanterns lighting different areas. For an American burger bar, you need to be thinking flags with stars and stripes, maybe images of cowboys at a rodeo, the New York skyline or images of movie stills. Maybe even a ‘Hollywood Walk of Fame’ with stars on a runner featuring names of famous movie stars.

Decorate your reception room like this and you’ll certainly be giving it the wow factor as your guests arrive, creating an atmosphere of excitement and expectation.

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If you’re thinking to yourself, “well I love the idea of this but how am I ever going to find the time … and I don’t think my caterers could handle it” then this is exactly the time to discover who your local Ambience Venue stylist is and get in touch for a chat. We have experts from Fife to Cornwall

They’ll listen to your ideas, add a few of your own and be able to come up with a scheme and a plan. Remember that our stylists have a host of props at their disposal – anything from lanterns to posters as well as runners – and they’re also very ingenious. So you won’t have to buy anything extra, everything will come included in the stylist’s fee. Want your venue to have a festival vibe? Sorted. Or maybe a Frozen theme? That we can also do.

We’re much more than chair cover and sash hire – as you’ll discover when you get in touch.

So if you’re dreaming of serving up food in a setting to impress your guests, this is your next step!