Will you be a spring bride, get hitched in the heat of summer, celebrate in an Indian summer in October or get cosy at Christmas?

How can you decide what time of year is going to be best for you to get married?

Let’s think about budgets first

Because this is the most important matter for you to decide upon, before you do anything else at all.

Probably the most expensive time of year to get married is in summer. If that’s what you really want, then go ahead. But just be aware that many venues may be charging peak prices, as may other suppliers such as photographers and caterers.

Artic wedding theme with starlight backdrop, turquoise sashes and feather centerpieces

We will make your venue look amazing whatever the time of year

If price isn’t a concern though, summer is a wonderful time of year to get married. You’ll have a massive choice of flowers, you’ll be able to use the gardens of your venue and have a marquee or festival style wedding. As for colours, both brights and pastels work well on a summer day.

However if you’re getting married in the UK, you really can’t count on the weather being sunny even if it is June. So if you’re planning a summer wedding because you want sunshine and heat then you need to be a little wary.


Flowers in summer are often less expensive

Now how about a spring wedding?

Spring is a wonderful time of year to get married. First off, your guests won’t have ‘wedding fatigue’ as a March or April wedding is likely to be the first one they’re invited to all year, so enthusiasm levels are going to be higher.

You won’t be expecting the weather to be amazing, so if you do get a bright and sunshiny spring day then it’s a bonus. Spring flowers are also beautiful and plentiful, so you’re going to get more for your money. Think of scented daffodils and hyacinths on your tables and in your bouquet. Bunches of tulips and narcissi.

You can choose fresh colours for spring like apple green, daffodil yellows, blossom pinks and hyacinth blues.

Everything in the gardens will be fresh and lovely like the blossom on the trees and freshly cut lawns.

Berkshire Hessian - peach 2015

Lovely pale pink/ peach shades are a must this spring and summer!

And autumn?

If you’re looking for good weather, then autumn is certainly a good time of year to consider. The weather can often surprise us in September and October, being unseasonably warm and dry.

Nature can also look wonderful, so if you’re having a country style wedding you’ll benefit from golden leaves on the trees, rosy apples waiting to be picked and berries in the hedgerows. All aspects you can build into your wedding theme both in your stationery and the way your venue is decorated.

Plan to have your wedding midweek in the autumn and you’re likely to have your pick of venues and suppliers as the summer rush will be over. You’ll have to give your guests a bit more notice so they can take time off work and organise childcare but if you marry on a Friday or a Monday this should be less of a problem. And you’ll know that the people who really want to be there will make an effort. You’re also more likely to be able to negotiate special room rates for your guests.

As for what you wear, our advice is to embrace the colours of autumn and think about dressing your bridesmaids in russets, golden yellows and oranges and all the colours you see around you.

Pantone colour Marsala is the "in" colour this autumn

Pantone colour Marsala is the “in” colour this autumn

Or winter?

You may be longing for a white winter wedding, complete with snow but we’d say be careful what you wish for. Snow may look picturesque, but it can mean guests have a problem getting to your venue with cars getting stuck on the roads and motorway/rail closures.

So if you’re set on a winter wedding, make sure that your venue is accessible after a snowfall or you could be disappointed.

That said, winter is a fabulous time of year to get married and we’re particularly keen on weddings around New Year. You could get married on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day and make a real party of it. (Although it would be worth making sure you have exclusive use of your venue in that case, so you’re not disturbed by other revellers.)

A wedding with an Arctic theme we created – check the starlight curtain behind the bride and groom

The season in which you marry is really your choice and there are pros and cons to each. One thing for sure though is that if you get in touch with one of our wedding stylists, they will make your venue look its very best for the season. Whether that’s decorating the tables with autumn fruits or using the freshest spring colours to bring the outside in.

In addition, using a venue stylist can actually save you money as they’ll make the best use of any venue you choose, even if it’s a simple village hall which can have magic worked with room draping, bring in their own props and accessories. And a wedding stylist will also save you time, so that you don’t have to take precious holiday off work to sort your wedding.

Getting in touch costs nothing and doesn’t hold you to anything. So get in touch with your local Ambience wedding stylist today and talk about the wedding season you have in mind. You won’t regret it!