Pantone® has such an influence on trends for the following year! A great way to help you choose what wedding look to go for… Using the Pantone system means every colour has a specific number which you can give to your florist, your wedding dress maker, your caterer, your venue, your wedding stylist… so everybody can see exactly the colour you want.

Pantone ultra violet

2018 Colour of the Year

Every year Pantone announces a specific colour of the year and for 2018 it is Ultra Violet.

Pantone ultra violet

We spotted this gorgeous Ultra Violet table setting on Pinterest contrasted with silver. The perfect colour combination!

Ultra Violet… purple, lilac, mauve, violet

Call it what you will but we love the colour purple for weddings. Oh, don’t worry. You don’t need to go all-out and have a completely purple wedding day. But what you can do is use the shade Ultra Violet to make a statement and give your wedding individuality.

  • Use it as a base colour or a colour pop to add depth and dimension.
  • Use it to create an ombre effect (that’s when you have graduated shades of the same colour, from light to dark).
  • You could have purple wedding shoes peeping out from beneath your dress
  • Bridesmaids dresses in different shades of purple including Ultra Violet
  • Your florist will love it if you choose Ultra Violet because so many flowers come in this exact shade. We’re thinking stocks, delphiniums, peonies, pansies, orchids and violet of course.
  • You could have a violet petticoat just showing beneath your dress if you’re a bit of a boho bride.
  • Purple sashes for your flower girls?
  • Sequins and metallics are very on trend just now for weddings and they look amazing when combined with deep shades like Ultra Violet.
  • Companies like bridesmaid specialist Dessy have special Pantone colour kits just for brides which you can buy inexpensively to help you along with your wedding planning.
Pantone violet

Butterflies on your violet chair sashes would be perfect for a rustic wedding

Here are a few ideas on how to use this rich shade.

Pantone violet

Pantone violet works beautifully when combined with silver sequins on table settings… Inspiration from Pinterest


Ultra Violet can whisper and be subtle too. Maybe some delicate violet shaded petals placed along your wedding aisle.

Don’t forget about wedding lighting either. Lighting can create a very particular atmosphere and lilac shaded lights at your evening reception will be sophisticated and stylish.

Pantone violet

Sprinkle violet shaded petals along your aisle like we have done here or place orchids in vases, topped with candles for your table centrepieces.

Colour combinations

Pantone have created colour charts which we have shared here so you can see exactly how you can use Pantone colour of the year, Ultra Violet, in your wedding styling.

These subtle shades show you how Pantone Violet can work with a delicate, almost neutral colour palette

Or if you’re after something more dramatic, then consider using some of these hues.


Pantone violet wedding decor

Use violet shades as accents, as a sprig of lavender in decorative or as a bow to enhance a plain bannister

Versatile theming

As you can see, Pantone Violet although a dramatic colour, is extremely versatile and can be used in many different ways. How would you use it to decorate and theme your wedding day?