5 ideas to create modern, neutral wedding styling

Mar 23, 2021

A modern, neutral, earthy colour palette is one style that our clients are loving right now. Strikingly beautiful with understated elegance, a neutral palette of stone, wheat, white, ivory and varying shades of green, offer a timeless look. It lends itself well to a multitude of venues and with its subtle appearance, it compliments a vibrant or busy interior as opposed to competing with it.

We’ve all seen how neutral decor has started to dominate the home interior world over recent months and we predict this to spill over into the wedding industry as couples tend to choose colour palettes that best reflect their personal style and character.

Will a neutral colour palette look bland or boring?

Not if you style it correctly! This trend is about layering similar tones, drawing out deeper, earthier shades to add contrast and warmth.

Use of texture

These stunning statement florals were created by Rarified Floral Design and offer texture throughout both the ceremony and wedding reception. Working with a variety of foliage in an organic fashion adds volume and interest whilst incorporating pops of minimal white florals, lifts the look and prevents it from looking too flat or heavy against the more delicate and elegant styling details.

Bring your neutral decor to life!

Highlight and enhance your neutral wedding decor by adding muted gold accessories and candlelight in glassware. Never underestimate the power candlelight has when it comes to setting the scene! It will elevate your whole look and transform the room from day time to dusk.

Table linen

Fine dining used to be all about the crisp white table linen but as we move through 2021 into 2022, we’ll see more couples opting for coloured table linen. Here we used wheat coloured linen cloths and matching napkins as our base layer which worked perfectly with the interior decor of the venue. Very classic and simple, it offers a refined finish, particularly when teamed with glass beaded charger plates.

Use different heights and levels

Often we think that by using colour, this will give us the definition that we’re looking for and therefore couples worry that by opting for a neutral colour palette, that they’ll lose this definition within their styling. There’s nothing worse than a wishy washy wedding!

Fear not! Work with your decor at varying heights like here in the ceremony room where the foliage and candlelight creates impactful low level interest whilst the blossom trees and floral pillars at the end of the aisle add the wow factor with height.


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