We hope that you enjoyed reading Part 1 of our A to Z of weddings. Here is Part 2 to give you more wedding traditions. Part 3 to follow next week! If you missed Part 1 it can be found here.

Invitations: We all love to receive an invitation to a wedding and over the years these have become more and more unusual with some very artistic designs.  From paper invites to USB stick or CD invites, all brides and grooms are looking for something a little different.  But when is the best time to send your wedding day invites to your guests? Ambience HQ think 6 months before gives plenty of time.

Jewels: The only ring that should be worn is your engagement ring which is moved onto your right hand for the ceremony.  After the ceremony has taken place and you have your wedding ring on you can then return your engagement ring to your left hand.

Keepsakes: The little things that you may want to keep from your wedding day.  Keep the original piece of material that you wanted everything to match to, one of your favours and even your bouquet.  They are all your personal keepsakes to remind you and your new husband of a beautiful day that you both had together.

Lingerie: We are putting the Garter under ‘L’.  The tradition being that the groom has to remove the garter from his new bride and throw it to his male friends.  Whichever of the male friends catch the garter should then place it on the left leg of the girl who caught the bouquet. Not sure is this still happens!!!

Mirror:  Another age old tradition is that a bride should not look in a mirror once she is completely ready.  The reason is that if the bride does look in the mirror it is said that half of her will be left behind in her reflection resulting in her not being able to give all of herself to her new husband.  We found a solution for the superstitious bride leave an item off, your shoes or a necklace and take one last look, you will be OK then!

No Show: Don’t worry this is for a no show of a guest.  There is nothing worse when you have organised everything to the precise number and then you get someone not attending without notice.  Maybe have someone like your maid of honour who can make sure everyone has arrived and if not they can then speak with your venue to make sure the place settings are removed.  You won’t need this kind of worry on your wedding day.

Order of Service: Do we all go by the traditional order of service?  If you were to go by traditional standards it would be in this order:

  • Entrance of the bride
  • Welcome and introduction by the minister or registrar
  • Hymn
  • Readings
  • Sermon
  • Exchange of marriage vows
  • Prayers and a further hymn
  • The signing of the Register
  • The final blessing
  • Exit

The above order of service will generally be for a religious ceremony but remember if you are having a civil ceremony or registry office ceremony there cannot be any religious music or readings.

Photographs: This can be quite daunting for some but by the end of the day you will have relaxed a little after your service so the photographs then become more relaxed.  Write down in advance for your photographer the pictures you want with the sets of guests so you don’t forget.  Everyone will be wanting a photograph of you.  You can even set up Apps for your wedding day which we have written about in a previous Blog.

More to follow in our final part next week.  What do you think so far? Do you have anything you would like to add to our blogs?  If you do get in touch with us.