Here is the final part of our A to Z of Weddings and some of the traditions behind them.  From our entire A to Z listing, how many of the items are being included within your wedding day?

Questions: Everyone will have questions about the arrangements for your big day so try to put the answers to all the questions within your invitation such as accommodation details, how much the rooms are, how far the venue is from the hotel accommodation, taxi numbers, parking, childrens’ facilities. Think of the practical things that guests are likely to ask.

Receiving Line: This is not a tradition that is strictly followed any more, the bride and groom tend to circulate amongst the guests during the day.  The receiving line had always been put together so that the bride and groom could personally greet their guests. It is quite formal so not as popular now.

Speeches: Traditionally the father of the bride will give the first speech which ends with a toast being made to the bride and groom.  The groom will then make his speech and toast the bridesmaids and then finally it is the best man’s turn.

Table Plans:  There is a lot of wedding etiquette around the table planning for a wedding breakfast and it is suggested that the top table be from left to right – chief bridesmaid, groom’s dad, bride’s mum, groom, bride, bride’s dad, groom’s mum, best man.  This is now proving difficult if there are splits within a family. We have looked at maybe each set of parents hosting tables and the bride and groom having a table of their own – the love table, or simple one big huge round table….this of course would be based on how many people are attending and would be wonderful for a wedding of 20 people of less.

Ushers:  the ushers are a mixture of friends and family and are mainly the ‘bouncers’ of the day.  Everyone will recognise these people and they are there to help guide people in the right direction.

Veils: Veils were traditionally were used for the virgin bride and so would not be seen on a 2nd marriage or for a pregnant bride.  Tradition seems to have disappeared with veils seen as a wedding accessory only if they complement the styling of your dress.

Wedding Cake: Cake, we love cake and wedding cakes are becoming more and more amazing with the many designs now available.  Some even look too good to eat and in fact are as faux wedding cakes are now starting to come over from across the pond.  Traditionally wedding cakes were made of fruit and tiered with the top tier being kept for a christening cake for your first child.  Don’t know how fresh it would be though!

X Boyfriends: Ambience HQ discussed this option and we think this would not be appropriate. What are your thought on this?  Some have said that if you are on good terms with an ex-boyfriend then this is OK. We really aren’t sure!!

You: Your wedding is about YOU as a couple and no one else.  Albeit you will have lots to think about, remember it is your day and the start of your life with your new hubby so have it the way you want it to be.

Zzzzzzz: Relaxation and sleep come after all the celebrations, there is no time for this in between.

We hope you have enjoyed reading our three part A to Z of weddings and if you missed the other parts they can be found here: Part 1 and Part 2.  We’d also love to hear any comments you may have  too.