A wedding day varies across cultures, countries, religion and social classes. However the same traditions apply across all weddings from the exchanging  of wedding vows and rings to having photographs and a wedding breakfast plus a lot a fun as the bride and groom start their new lives together and their guests help them celebrate!

The definition of a traditional wedding is ‘a legal union of a man and a woman as husband and wife, and can be between two persons of the same sex, usually entailing legal obligations of each person to the other’, ‘a close union’, ‘a union between persons that is recognised by a custom religious tradition of marriage’.

Here at Ambience HQ we have put together some of the traditional and not so traditional A to Z listings of weddings. Many of the age old traditions around getting married have existed for many many years – why is the bride encouraged to wear something blue, why is a chimney sweep attending your wedding day and does the groom really need a best man?

Let’s see what we have found so far…

Arrival: We have trawled the internet to see if there is somewhere in the wedding traditions book that it says that a bride has to be late.  There is nothing we can find that says that the bride should be 10 minutes late!  Surely every brides can’t wait to get to their wedding so why be late for your big entrance?

Bridesmaids: Why do we have Bridesmaids? Again another tradition that originates from centuries ago…it was believed that evil spirits would try to interfere with the joy of a wedding day and try to stop the marriage going ahead.  For this reason the bridesmaids would dress the same or similar to the bride so as to confuse the evil spirits. Clever!

Chimney Sweep: Having a chimney sweep at your wedding is considered to be lucky and will bring you more good luck, wealth and happiness. We are not sure why but there you go.

Dance: Your first dance as a married couple! Many couples are now choosing to do their own thing and surprise guests with a choreographed dance.  YouTube has lots of clips of dances couples have put together, one of our favourites being this one from 2007.

Engagement: Be engaged for as long as you want,  having a party to celebrate your engagement is optional but now very popular as this is a great way for families to meet for the first time.  If you become engaged it is said that your father should announce your engagement in the local newspaper.

Favours: Some of the favours that are at wedding breakfasts today are amazing, gone are the sugared almonds which represent fertility, longevity, wealth, happiness and health.  Brides and grooms are really thinking about what to give their guests from personalised items to cool gifts like luggage tags, packets of seeds to grow, mini games and small perfumes.  Ambience HQ have also noticed that favours are being replaced with a donation to the bride and groom’s chosen charity and cards are being left on the tables for guests to also contribute if they wish.

Groom’s Cake:  This is a fairly new trend that is starting to appear, which is a groom’s cake that sits next to the main wedding cake.  Brides are surprising their new husband with this addition and having it personalised to tie in with a hobby or interest.

Honeymoon: Everyone needs to have a honeymoon of some kind no matter how many days, even just for one night – it will still be a honeymoon.  Relaxation and indulgence is important after the build up to a wedding and to celebrate the start of a new chapter in a bride and groom’s life so champagne and strawberries are a must!

Keep a look out for our next instalment of A – Z weddings…… and if you have any thoughts on the above and would like to contribute to our blogs please do get in touch with us at [email protected]