If Cinderella hadn’t worn glass slippers to the ball she may never have got her prince.

Just shows that you have to wear the right shoes for the occasion! And your wedding day is definitely a day when all eyes are going to be on you and so your accessories have to be just perfect.

Checklist for bridal shoes

Here are a few key things you should know about your wedding shoes.

  • Wear them on carpet half a dozen times before your wedding day so they mould themselves to your feet
  • Scratch the soles if they’re leather so you don’t slip on shiny floors

Rainbow Club Natala Champagne Court shoes from HOUSE OF FRAISER

  • They don’t have to be ivory or white. You can wear any colour you like really, and choosing a metallic shade will almost certainly mean you wear them in future too
  • You don’t have to wear shoes, you can wear strappy sandals if you like

  • If you’re marrying in winter and have to walk from the car to your venue, think about wedding wellies to and from the door so you don’t spoil your beautiful wedding slippers
  • Don’t wear anything too fashionable because they will date. Just look at photos of brides in the 1970’s wearing platforms and you’ll see what we mean!

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  • If you’re marrying on a beach, maybe ditch shoes altogether for a spot of barefoot glamour but make sure you have that all-important pedicure first
  • If you’ve always wanted a pair of Manolo Blahniks or Jimmy Choos, then this is the time to buy them. But get a colour and style that you will wear over and over again, so the cost per wear brings the overall price down
  • If you’re not used to wearing high heels, then you’re going to have to put in some practise before your big day. Walk around at home in them on the carpet until they feel like second nature. Whatever you do, don’t put them on for the first time on your big day and then expect to walk down the aisle without a single stumble
  • Also, slingbacks are lovely but high-heeled slingbacks can be very difficult to walk in, especially if you’re wearing tights. So think carefully before you decide on styles like this
  • If you’re wearing a vintage style dress, then Mary Janes or little booties could look fantastic
  • If you find the perfect pair of shoes for you but they’re not quite the right shade, then remember you can have them dyed for a minimal fee. Rainbow Club do an excellent dyeing service in a multitude of shades
  • Couture heels often have a padded cashmere sole so that the balls of your feet don’t ache after standing a while. Whilst you might not be able to afford couture heels, you could put in a small insole to make the shoes more comfortable
  • If you’re planning on having a first dance together, make sure you are able to dance in your shoes or change into a pair that you’ll be able to do your Strictly number in
  • You don’t have to put all your bridesmaids in the same style of shoe. Some might like high heels, some prefer flats. However, to keep to a theme make sure that the colours are the same or you go for an ombre effect (that’s graduated shades of the same colour)
  • Ballet slippers look wonderful on flower girls
  • You don’t have to stick to one pair of shoes for your wedding. You could have a pair for the ceremony and walking down the aisle plus a pair for dancing
  • If you’re wearing an embellished bodice or a piece of heirloom jewellery, think about picking out the same style of detail on your shoes for example a pearl or diamant√© trim
  • Always shop for shoes in the afternoon. Your feet ‘expand’ during the day and will be larger in hot weather
  • Walk around in your chosen shoes in the shop. Can you honestly walk in them? Do they fit? Is your heel large enough to fit at the back or does it slide out?
  • Look at the inside of the shoes and see if there is any rough stitching that might cause blisters around your toes

Make sure you can dance in your shoes