The wedding colours you choose for your special day will set the tone and ambience. Think carefully and try to imagine everything together, how do you want your day to look? If you focus on choosing your wedding colour theme and styling early on in your preparations this will then help you co-ordinate all of your wedding styling from invitations through the your venue.

Everything does depend on your personal preference and budget for putting the venue and wedding styling together.  Remember to look at your venue and see how your colours will work with the colours at your venue, you don’t want something that really stands out and looks odd against your venue décor because you can’t change the décor of venues and their colour of  carpets and wallpaper.  We can help with disguising décor that doesn’t match and make your venue look amazing. Ambience HQ have put together some tips and advise with choosing the right colours and themes:


My Favourite Colour

Everyone has a favourite colour and that is the best place to start planning.  What colours could you then add to complement and add interest to your colour theme.  Make sure whatever colours you are putting together are compatible and will not clash.


Scrap Books

Collect images, magazine ideas, pieces of material, anything that you like for ideas – Pinterest is great for this! Most brides have scrap books that they have put together and this is something that can help style your wedding around you.  This is also great to have when speaking with our stylists to show them the ideas of styling you are looking at.  We can start to piece together and design mood boards for you as discussions develop around your wedding.



As a bride to be there is a lot of excitement around getting married and when you start to look at venues, looking at the décor of the room where you are to be married doesn’t always happen.  You get home and you speak with your venue stylist and they ask you standard questions, ‘what colour is the carpet’ ‘what is the colour theme in the room’.  So, we think you do need to look at this when you go to a venue because you don’t want it to clash with your chosen colours.


Big Decisions

If you have your heart set on a location does your favourite colour match if not one will need to change. Choosing between a colour and a location can be a big decision.  Try to keep an open mind about your colours until you have chosen your venue as the venue may then dictate what colours you can incorporate.


Be Neutral

Some venues do have very strong colour themes so consider going for very neutral tones but then you can add minimal splashes of your favourite colour.


Time of Year

Maybe think about about what time of year you are getting married and let your inspiration for styling be inspired by the blooms of the season.  Being stuck around colour choices can be helped by mother nature herself.



Pastel shades are best for warmer weather summer weddings as they can come across a little cold if used in the winter months. Don’t just go for the commonly used colours that all brides and grooms are using look for something a little different.  Again think about the time of year look at corals, maroons, rustic golds and ambers, red and orange tones.  All complimenting each other.


Your Dress

Have you thought of having your wedding dress in your wedding colours instead? Wearing a white dress is no longer a tradition as this dates back from Victoria times – colour is being used more in wedding dresses.  There are many shades available for you to consider and look wonderful, even vibrant choices of brilliant reds and purples.  If you do chose to go a different shade on your dress and it is very outrageous try and let immediate family know so that there is no clashing of colours.  Remember to swear them to secrecy too.



Do you want your Bridesmaids to be in coloured matching outfits? Remember not every one suits all colour shades so you may have to compromise on colour variations.


Groom, Best Man & Ushers

And finally, remember to incorporate your husband to be and his best man, and ushers into the colour theme.  They too can have matching ties, waist coats, even socks!  Their button holes will be a small version of the bridesmaid flowers.



As a bride to be you simply want everything to have a theme and to match beautifully. Did you know that colours can also have an affect on people’s moods?  Try a colour palette of 5 of the colours you want to use but just be mindful that you don’t need to be extravagant, less is more and being too extravagant with colour can become alittle overwhelming for your guests.  The little touches will look more romantic.

If you are unsure of your colour palette and would like to discuss options for your wedding venue styling please do get in touch with us today and we will be happy to give you lots of choice and styling ideas.