Are you a country girl at heart? Have you always had a soft spot for the countryside, wild flowers, beautiful views, unspoilt landscapes, spring lambs gambolling around the fields?

Then it sounds like a rustic-style wedding might be just your kind of thing. Read on for our tips on how to get the look and how to get the elements of a country theme wedding right.

Rustic wedding ideas

Think about when you are going to get married

If you’re going for a country style wedding then you have a few options.

A barn styled by Ambience…

Maybe a barn wedding?

You could get married in a barn. This has all sorts of advantages. Barns frequently look picturesque and are usually in attractive settings. They also tend to have a fair amount of parking nearby as they are in the countryside.

Barns are good for weddings at any time of year. In the depths of winter you can hold your wedding in a barn and keep your guests cosy inside. In summer, you can have the windows and large barn doors open to let the sunshine in. Barns also tend to be warm in winter and cool in summer, so that’s another good thing.

Barns lend themselves to be decorated in a rustic way. You could look to decorate the beams with lights or draping if you wanted which is something we’ve done for several brides.

strings of lights at wedding

Making the beams in a barn a feature with strings of lights

In your local village hall

This also has a number of advantages. The first one is likely to be price as a village hall probably won’t cost much to hire. Your village hall may also be in beautiful setting, complete with cows in the field alongside and hedges full of wild flowers.

If you’re local, it’s going to be familiar with many of your guests too. Don’t worry if your village hall isn’t as beautiful inside as you’d wish. Talk to your wedding stylist about room draping and see how they can transform a nondescript space into everything you have ever dreamed your wedding to be!

In your local village hall you may also be able to choose the caterers you want. Most villages, in the UK, in the countryside have a village hall or church hall nearby and they’re certainly worth investigating.

Transforming a venue with draping and lanterns

Rustic style flowers

Here you don’t want to be thinking of anything too formal and structured. Think about old-fashioned cottage flowers, roses, hollyhocks and delphiniums in the summer. In spring you can opt for daffodils, hyacinths and primroses. In autumn think about ways of using sprays of autumn berries and autumn produce like apples, pumpkins and squash.

A country style wedding is not a place for exotic orchids or succulents!

Country style wedding flowers spotted on Flickr

Serving drinks and food in a rustic manner

A fun way of doing this at a rustic wedding is to have beer served directly from barrels or maybe cider if you’re in cider country. You could also serve countryside themed cocktails like elderflower champagne or cider punch.

As for food, a countrystyle wedding lends itself beautifully to a buffet and/or a hog roast. You could also have an ice cream van outside and a homemade dessert/cake table.

Inspiration for a rustic-style wedding aisle

Seating your guests

To keep with the traditional rustic theme, have guests seated at long trestle tables and seated on hay bales which works particularly well in a barn or a marquee. Alternatively you could have chair backs with hessian ties, which gives a very attractive rural feel.

rustic wedding lace

Lace and hessian go together perfectly as shown in this rustically styled wedding day


Of course you could have a DJ. But if you really want to have that rustic feel, what about organising a band and having a barn dance, complete with a caller? This is one way to make sure that all the generations feel involved in the dancing and that nobody gets left out, even if they have come to the wedding without a partner.

Barn dances are fun, inclusive and you don’t have to look like a competitor on Strictly either! You just have to join in.

We’d love to help you style a rustic wedding day so get in touch if you’d like to talk further!