Could you tell which was a real cake and which was a fake cake? Would your wedding guests be able to tell the difference? How does a fake cake sound to you?

Extravagant and outrageously designed wedding cakes are an expensive part of your wedding day.  Do you even know what type of filling you want because you will be asked, do you want coloured icing, what do you want your cake to look like and how many tiers are you going to have? Decisions, decisions and this is just another stress that will add to your ever growing list of items to organise.

Brides and grooms are now overcoming the large £££’s that come with the cost of a wedding cake but also getting a more impressive looking cake by following the US trend for “faux” wedding cakes with all or part of their wedding cake being non edible.  Let’s be honest, your guests will not notice the difference between the real and fake bit, unless you tell them of course!


Fake Wedding Cake?

A fake wedding cake is exactly what is says; they are made from Styrofoam moulds which are covered with fondant or perma-icing which is a non edible artificial icing.  This icing will be exactly matched to your edible parts if you choose to have a part edible cake. Even if you decide to 100% ‘fake’ your wedding cake, you will still be able to cut it as a secret compartment is made in the cake for you to insert the knife.  Clever we think!!

The process of designing your wedding cake is exactly the same as ordering an edible cake, the decoration, the design, the number of tiers, the options are endless.  The piece you don’t have  worry about is the price tag along with the filling taste which then enables you to increase the decoration and number of tiers.

With most ‘fake’ wedding cakes the top tier is usually the edible bit and this will be the part that you cut in front of your guests.  Once the cake has been cut, all of the cake is removed (as is usually the case).  A simple single layer real cake will then have been made and cut pieces of this will be brought out to your guests. 

Will Our Guests Notice It Is Fake?

Very unlikely! With the ever increasing costs of real cakes you would be able to spend the extra £££’s saved and have a cake that looks more amazing than you could afford as a real cake.  Think of the number of guests that you are having to cater for, this can amount to a very costly wedding cake when the majority of pieces once cut do not get eaten. 

Think of your ‘fake’ cake as the centre piece of your wedding reception; another display that adds to the romantic atmosphere of your wedding day.  It will have been made to your request and design and it will be personal to you both.  Who actually needs to know it is a ‘fake’ cake? Remember there can be part of your cake that is real too.

The cake maybe fake but this is also a perfect solution to having the cake of your dreams to match your dream wedding day.