How to create the ultimate fine dining experience

Mar 05, 2021

Create an experience

Fine dining is all about creating an experience for your guests. It’s a dinner with a difference. It oozes sophistication, creativity and uniqueness! Whether you’re looking to create an intimate dinner party or a lavish wedding reception, here are 5 styling tips to help you achieve the ultimate fine dining experience!

Crockery and glassware

Think about your place settings, consider incorporating crockery and glassware that matches the aesthetics of your table decor. Bespoke, personalised stationery such as place names and menu cards are a great way to greet your guests and set the scene for what’s to come.

Table linen

White tablecloths were once known as an integral part of fine dining but as we move through 2021 onwards, coloured table linen or bare rustic wooden tables are high on the must have list. Using fabrics that lend themselves to the interior of the venue such as these wheat coloured linen tablecloths with matching napkins that fall gracefully along the edge of the table, are an excellent choice for those wanting to focus on the details.

It’s about the atmosphere!

Fine dining goes far beyond good food (although this is a huge part of it) It’s about the atmosphere, precise attention to detail, and perfect execution. Look at the room from a 360 degree perspective. Statement floral arrangements like these columns created by Dutch Nurseries with a mixture of fresh and dried flowers, offer the perfect framework for an intimate fine dining experience.

Mood lighting

We all know what impact lighting can have on our mood. Low level lighting can have a calming, relaxing effect whilst “warm” lighting like that produced by candlelight and fairylights, creates an inviting and comforting atmosphere. It literally has the power to completely transform a room so never overlook this element of your decor!

Table decor that compliments

Create a sociable dining setting, table decor that is striking yet not obtrusive is the main objective. Nobody wants a huge arrangement sat directly in front of them when they’re trying to have a conversation with the guest opposite. The key here is offering points of interest, using varying shapes, sizes, heights and accessories.



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