How to effectively add candlelight to your wedding day

June 06, 2020

Many couples desire to create an atmospheric setting for their wedding day and candlelight is a sure fire way to achieve this. With it’s warm inviting glow, candlelight instantly sets the mood and can soften the look of the room and it’s surroundings making guests feel relaxed and at ease. None more so than at an autumnal or winter wedding when the nights draw in and we lose the light in the UK from as early as 4pm.

Taking this into consideration, if your order of service sees your wedding breakfast getting well underway by this time then think about key areas that would benefit from being enhanced with candlelight such as entrances, the base of your seating plan, table decor, fireplaces, window ledges.


When deciding where you will use candlelight in your wedding venue bear in mind If you require short burn or long burn candles. Also consider if they will be exposed to drafts such as in an entrance way or under an air conditioning unit as these will cause excessive burning of your candles. The best way to overcome this is to contain your candlelight in a holder or vessel which will give it protection.


• Votive Candles

Candles placed in small glass/decorative holders often round or square in shape are called Votive candles. They look fantastic when varying complimenting styles are clustered together, particular for your table decor.

• Pillar Candles

Since these candles have more wax they burn for a longer time they’re perfect for feature decor where you want the candlelight to burn long into into the evening. Pillars come in different sizes and look very effective when used to fill the base of fireplaces or on window ledges.

• Taper / Traditional Candles

Long tapering candles mostly used in candle stick holders and candelabra are called taper candles. They can vary in length and colour making them a popular choice for adding a more delicate lighting to your styling.

• Floating Candles

Available in short burn and long burn, these candles are designed to float on the top of water making them perfect for clear glass cylinder vases whereby the candlelight reflects off the glass and water to create a really elegant finish. Team varying height clusters down your aisle for a statement look.

• Scented / Coloured Candles

Scented candles are becoming a popular choice in the wedding industry and many couples like to choose a scent that is personal to them and will provide them with that long lasting happy reminder of their wedding day every time they smell it thereafter. We have our very own signature scent candles which smell amazing!

• Lanterns / Vessels

If you require your candlelight to be contained for reasons such as using it to define the aisle at an outdoor ceremony then there’s many options to choose from. Pick a style/shape that complements the rest of your wedding decor. The most commonly used ones are storm lanterns, hurricane lanterns and cylinder vases.

When running through the details with your wedding coordinator always check as to whether your venues permits naked flames before making decor plans. Don’t worry if they don’t, there’s some fantastic LED/ wax effect options available that still look very effective and these can be incorporated into a number of areas.


An eclectic arrangement of varying height candlelight created with pillars, tapers, floating and votives adds interest and detail to your styling so don’t be afraid to mix up the styles on your tables!


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