How to plan a sustainable wedding

June 27, 2020

An increasing number of couples are looking at ways of having an eco wedding or adopting a few eco-friendly ideas to make their wedding day that bit more sustainable. If you’re in the planning process and you’re wondering how you can do your bit to help the environment without compromising on your celebrations then keep reading! We’ve put together some tips and suggestions for you.

Have you booked your wedding venue yet?

We all know that the emissions from cars and planes are one of the leading causes of environmental damage so looking at ways to reduce your carbon footprint when selecting your venue is a great start.

-Save on transport by having the ceremony and the reception at the same venue

-If your wedding ceremony is at a different venue such as at a church then hire a bus to get your guests to the reception.

-If there’s not enough accommodation at the venue for all of your guests then consider bell tent accommodation on site if the venue offers this as an option.

– Micro weddings are becoming a popular choice which see guest numbers of 30-50. The number of guests you have will have an impact on many of your choices.

– How sustainable is your wedding venue? Some venues will be just getting to grips with recycling whereas others may be way ahead of the game so don’t be afraid to ask your wedding coordinator things such as how do they dispose of their plastics? Where do they source their catering ingredients from?

Sustainable Wedding Flower Options

This is a big one for many! We’re torn between wanting lots of lush florals and the thought of the waste the day after right? Many of the flowers that are in our highstreet florist shops are grown and transported from Holland so if you want to keep an eye on that carbon footprint, speak to your florist about sourcing locally or British grown flowers.

Other sustainable flower ideas would be:

-Donate your flowers to a good cause afterwards
-Use silk flowers – there are some incredible faux floral options on the market
-Introduce herbs and or foliage
-Speak to your florist about how you can avoid using foam in your arrangements
-Ask your florist to deliver flowers in a glass vase rather than all the packaging – the perfect way to then give them away as gifts.

Eco-friendly or vegan menu options

Depending on whether you are using an outside catering company for your food and drink or whether your wedding venue will be providing your catering, speak to them about sourcing organic and local produce and ingredients.

– A vegan or vegetarian menu would reduce the environmental impact but if this just isn’t you then how about compromising and working towards a 50/50 vegetarian/meat menu.

– Support local vineyards and breweries by sourcing your alcohol locally to reduce your carbon footprint.

– Check on their recycling policy, particularly when it comes to plastic use

Should I have wedding favours?

To have or not to have? These can be one of the worst things for wastage, the number of times we’ve arrived at a venue the following day and favours are being thrown into bin bags along with the packaging! Therefore options to consider:

-Something that guests will perhaps use, eat or treasure – although if it’s edible think of the packaging
-Charitable donations
-Pick a place name that can double up as a personalised favour

Reusable Wedding Décor

As stylists we work with our clients to design a look that is bespoke to them and if sustainability is a key factor then just let us know. Some of the things we would suggest to get you started are:

-Save on your budget as well as your items and transfer your ceremony decor to your wedding breakfast where possible.

-Hire items rather than buying everything yourself – We all know the great intentions of selling everything after your wedding day become a “store it in the garage, loft or spare bedroom” reality afterwards!

-Use biodegradable petals to line your aisle rather than artificial and provide your guests with biodegradable confetti to throw

-Focus on candlelight rather than electricity to create that atmospheric mood lighting

-Use mirrors / signage to communicate messages such as your order of service instead of having individual ones printed

Personalised Wedding Stationery

Wedding stationery is a great way of adding a personalised touch to your wedding day, whether it be a font or artwork graphic that runs consistently throughout your stationery pieces such as save the dates, invitations, place names, seating plan, table numbers etc. and being sustainable doesn’t mean that you have to forgo all of these.

-Consider digital invitations, saving on card and ink but also saving on the delivery miles to get your invitations to your guest list.

-Ask your stationery provider for eco-friendly card options

-Menu cards – if your guests are all eating from the same menu consider having two or three menu cards on each table as opposed to a menu card per person.


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