Lockdown Love This Valentine’s Day

Feb 13, 2021

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Valentine’s Day is upon us and as we’re in lockdown it’s more likely to be a home cooked candlelit dinner followed by a romantic movie as opposed to booking a table in a swish restaurant or having a weekend break away! Nevertheless the 14th of February is the day of LOVE and it’s not just about showing your other half how much you love them, it’s a celebration of friendship and admiration!

There’s also an increasing amount of people now actually thinking of their pets on Valentines! 27% of people celebrating Valentine’s last year (2020) said that they were also buying their pet a gift! Were you one of them?

The theory behind Valentine’s Day

Hundreds of years of traditions have evolved into the holiday that many of us all know and celebrate on the 14th February. Valentine’s Day was named after its patron saint, St. Valentine. One theory about the origin of Valentine’s Day is that while the Roman Emperor Claudius II was trying to bolster his army, he forbade young men to marry (because apparently single men make better soldiers). In the spirit of love, St. Valentine defied the ban and performed secret marriages. For his disobedience, Valentine was sent to prison and was executed on February 14th.

According to legend, when St. Valentine was imprisoned, he wrote a letter and signed it “from your valentine” Signing a card with this signature is now common practice.

Interesting facts about Valentines Day!

• It’s the 5th most popular day of the year for proposals so ladies if you have a feeling that a proposal could be on the way, be prepared to receive a ring on Valentines Day! In fact it’s reported that almost 6 million people around the world get engaged on 14th February!

• Did you know that generally men spend more on Valentines Day than women?!

• The most common things that get purchased for Valentines Day are flowers and chocolate/confectionery but the thing that people actually spend the most amount of money on for gifting on the day of love is jewellery!

• There’s a standout favourite when it comes to what people prefer in the chocolate box! According to the National Confectioners Association, caramel chocolates are top of the list!

• Pink and red are considered by many as the colours of love. According to the National Confectioners Association, around 65% of Americans believe that the packaging of Valentine’s Day confectionery and chocolates should be red and pink. Do you agree?

• Cupid began as a Greek God! The chubby baby with wings and a bow and arrow that we call Cupid has been associated with Valentine’s Day for centuries. However, before he was renamed Cupid, he was known to the ancient Greeks as Eros, the god of love. Eros, the son of Greek goddess Aphrodite, would use two sets of arrows—one for love and another for hate—to play with the emotions of his targets. It wasn’t until stories of his mischief were told by Romans that he adopted the childlike appearance that we recognise today.

• Galentine’s gifts (sending gifts to friends) are on the rise with the amount being spent having tripled in recent years!

Never before have we all craved to spend time with our loved ones! However you’re spending Valentine’s this year, have an amazing day!



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