During 2012 it is estimated that 234,464 weddings took place in England alone.

Getting married is on the increase and for the past two years figures have increased by nearly 6%.  There had been a downward turn in marriages but this is great news for all things ‘wedding’ that we are seeing people becoming more and more excited by the prospect of being and getting married.

Ambience HQ have taken a look at the 100 year marriage trend graphical data which shows key points within the last 100 years of where there has been a difference within the number of marriages taking place due to economic climates.

100 Years marriage trendSo if the increase continues at today’s current rate of the last two years we would estimate that a further 31,000 marriages will take place in England alone, up to the end of 2014 increasing the overall figure to around 266,413.

Looking back at the post war years there was a decline in marriages up until around 1959 with the onset of the happy go lucky 1960’s bring an increase to marriages.  Peaks were seen in 1968, 1970 and 1972 which we can calculate back to the post war marriages of  1947  to 1949, which brought a baby boom of the UK.

In 1968 the average age for a man getting married was 24 with women being an average age of 22.

So marriages now on a steady incline, which could have come from the baby booming marriages of the late 1960’s and the early 1970’s, 2003/2004 did show a brief decline, at an overall average age of getting married at 33 years of age.  This places these happy couples in the early 1970’s birth bracket.

We all know that the most popular day to get married is a Saturday with nearly 58% of all marriages taking place on this day.  The least popular day is a Tuesday with only 3.5% of marriages taking place.  Trends are also starting to show that Fridays and Sundays are now also becoming a popular day to get married.  What day did you get married and why did you choose this day?

Fantastic weather is what any bride wants if they choose their wedding day to be in the summer months of July, August and September, but unfortunately living in the UK we are not always blessed with sunshine.  For a bride who wants a summer wedding, they will choose their wedding day based on the’ hope’ it is going to be a sunny day.  During these months in 2012 we saw around 101,474 weddings taking place in the UK.  Did you get married in 2012? What was the weather like on your wedding day?

We will be featuring more marriage trends as we find these figures and facts interesting but we always love to hear from our blog readers if you have any tips, advice or inspiration that you would like to share.