There are many wedding traditions that you can include into your wedding day from not seeing your husband to be on the day of the wedding, the traditional something old, something new, something blue, to throwing of your garter, to having families sitting on the right side of the ceremony seating.

As a bride and groom how many of the traditions can you keep to?

With nearly 40% of people now are living together before they decide to get married and a majority already having children there’s two broken traditions.  Wedding traditions were once were more of priority some 20 to 30 years ago to how we see them now.

Your First Dance

Your first dance as Mr and Mrs is that all important moment where you take to the dance floor and if you want to be traditional for the order of the dances, Ambience HQ have looked at what the traditional order should be.

  • First the bride and groom will take to the dance floor.
  • Towards the end of the song your DJ or your band will then ask for the rest of the bridal party to join them.
  • Once that dance has finished everyone is invited to sit down and the bride will then dance with her father.
  • Once that dance has finished the groom will then take to the dance floor with his mother.
  • There is also a 2nd time if the bride and groom want to have the dance floor to themselves again after the cutting of the cake.

So much to remember for the order of dancing so we now mainly see the bride and groom dancing and then everyone joining in.  We are now seeing more and more choreographed dance routines some of which are taking guests by complete surprise and now being featured within YouTube.

Would You Throw Your Bouquet?

Have you ever seen a Bride throw her Bouquet? At Ambience HQ none of us have attended a wedding where the bouquet has been thrown, we feel we are missing out on something.  You see in many films this happening and all the single girls running and jumping for the bouquet and it become a tumble of people trying to get some poor bunch of broken flowers.  But can you image throwing one of the many styled bouquets that you can get now, for instance crystal and beaded bouquets,  throwing one of those would cause an injury to a guest, plus they are too beautiful to be thrown.  So is this a dying tradition? Or are brides in wanting to keep with tradition having a separate bouquet just to throw?

Our final tradition that we found to be quite amusing was the ‘tin cans being tied to your car’ and what this symbolised.  As early as the 1600’s it is said that when a bride and groom have departed to go to their bedroom their friends and fellow guests would then sneak to their window and stand and bang pots and pans with wooden spoons to awaken them.  The newlyweds are expected to appear again in full attire and give them more food and dancing to make them go away.  The tying of the cans to the car bumper is now seen as the ‘poormans’ version of this and is generally done by the grooms male companions, which is seen as these men have now lost their chance with the bride who has now been taken away by her new husband.

Some fun traditions are still being used but it is surprising when you look back at tradition how far it dates back.

Tell us about some of the traditions that you have featured within your wedding, it would be great to hear what everyone is featuring in their wedding day.