A mood board is a place for inspiration, a collage of images, words and samples.  It can be a physical item such as a scrap book or it can be created on-line with in Pinterest.

We have all heard of the word ‘mood board’ but you are probably wondering how do you go about creating a mood board for your wedding if you have never created one before one.

Firstly you need to think about all of the styles and looks that you love, to start creating your your wedding day inspiration. Collect images, swatches of material, sketches you may have made, photographs, basically anything that inspires you and relates to your thoughts about your wedding day you can make into your personal wedding mood board.

A Scrap Book

A scrap book of everything you are thinking about for your wedding would be a wonderful item to bring along to your first bridal meeting with your venue stylist.  This would be a great starting point as our stylist talks about your wedding and it will show your likes which also helps us to get to your personality and style. Seeing a bride’s thoughts is great that we can both all work on.  The good bit is choosing your favourite items and starting to look at what you then want.


Ambience Head Office have a great pins within Pinterest.  There are new pins being added regularly and this is now one of the most popular ways brides gain inspiration and styling ideas.  Pinterest is used for almost anything and its is a wonderful array of pictures you can pin. A virtual bride magazine.


Facebook is now becoming a great way to find information about almost anything.  Our head office Facebook account which you can find here gives great ideas of styling of past weddings, a huge collection of all of our venue stylists work from across the country.  Take a look through the photo albums and you can find some some wedding mood boards for examples too.

We have given you some great options to find some styling inspiration for your wedding, but if you are struggling to find what you want please do get in contact with us today.  Maybe a wedding mood board could just be the thing you need.