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Mar 02, 2020

If you’re planning your wedding or event then there’s no doubt you’ve probably already started pinning ideas for how you’d like your tables to look but with so many elements to consider it can sometimes be difficult to choose the decor that is right for you and your day. Don’t worry, here’s a little advice and inspiration to get you on the right track!

The way you set your table is important because it influences the atmosphere and feeling that your guests will have when they take their seats.

Have you ever attended a special occasion where you’ve been guided to your seat and have instantly been wowed with the personal touches that have awaited you at your place setting? Can you remember how it made you feel? Perhaps you subconsciously acknowledged that a lot of effort had been made as you watched everyone looking down at what was on their setting or took a picture ready to upload to their Instagram feed? Attention to detail makes your guests feel special!

For super impactful place settings we suggest layering. A great way to do this is with decorative charger plates as your base layer. Add to this a beautifully folded linen napkin – looking to add a subtle accent to your tables? – Try coloured napkins!

If you’re providing menu cards for every guest as opposed to every table then pick a design that contrasts against the colour of your napkin so that it can be positioned on top and accent your place setting. If you’re not providing menu cards for every guest then this is a great spot for your place names to go.

Place names with eyelets and delicate ribbon ties look very effective or perhaps you’re opting for folding tent design cards which can stand up directly on the table linen just above the charger plate.

Accessorise your napkins by tucking in a little stem of foliage, a sprig of lavender or a flower head. There’s so many ways you can add a little bit of your personality as a couple to your place settings so don’t be afraid to think outside the box – there’s no rules here!

Favours are always a hot topic in our consultations – to have or not to have? Our advice – don’t overthink them. The truth is that unless the favour is edible, they’re quite often left on the table so leave these until you know what room you have left in your budget before making any big decisions or rolling out of the store with 100 elaborate favours in your trolley!

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