planning a small and intimate wedding

Sept 04, 2020

Are you planning a small and intimate wedding?

The government’s guidelines currently permit ceremonies and receptions of up to 30 people to be celebrated in a Covid secure venue in England. Whilst this isn’t the news all awaiting brides and grooms wanted to hear, for some, this has meant everything. So have you been considering reducing your guest numbers and opting for a more intimate celebration?

What is a micro-wedding?

Micro-weddings are an intimate celebration typically involving no more than 50 guests. With the average cost of a wedding in 2019 in the UK at £31,974, intimate weddings were already increasing in popularity way before the arrival of coronavirus as a solution for couples that wanted to reduce the guest list and splurge on the details. Having a smaller wedding isn’t all about providing a more budget friendly celebration though, there’s many other benefits to planning a more intimate affair.

Benefits of having an intimate wedding

Small weddings don’t mean they have to be any less luxurious or lavish. In fact some couples choose a smaller guest list so they can pull out all the stops and really focus on the details. Allocate your budget to key pieces that you really want but couldn’t afford if you had double the guest numbers – upgrade your chairs, personalise each place setting, style out that feature fireplace!

A small wedding gives you the opportunity to create a really unique design that reflects both of you as a couple. Think personalised touches and keepsakes.

Spend your day with your nearest and dearest. Quite often couples feel obliged to invite old aquaintences or offer a plus one that might end up being someone they have never even met before. Reducing your guest list means you no longer have to worry about this.

Want to be married by this time three months from now? A small guest list makes this possible. Our Harrogate stylist, Amy actually planned and styled a wedding this August with just a week’s notice!

You can spend more time with your other half on your special day! It’s not something many couples get to do on their wedding day. We’ve all been to weddings where you see the newlyweds gradually working their way around all of their guests to have the obligatory conversations right? Well smaller weddings take that pressure off you giving you more time to relax and enjoy it!

Imagine your pictures! Real life moments captured as they happen with no fear that anyone will be missed from the album.


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