Arranging the seating for your wedding reception can become quite a daunting process to go through.  You have people wanting to sit with certain relatives and friends, some don’t like sitting near children, some don’t even like sitting with each other.  So how do you go about making everyone happy?

At Ambience HQ we have chatted about how we would go about setting a seating plan.  We all love talking about weddings and it was great to hear everyone’s views on this topic.  One idea that we all liked was a mid week 50 guest vintage themed wedding, where pretty much nearly everyone knew each other.  The traditional top table seating arrangement was not a priority so the bride and groom’s table was round which enable all the family to be seated, their table was also in the middle of room with guests tables seated around.  We really like this idea, it gave a feeling of being very personal, cosy, and relaxing…lots of vintage fun!  There wasn’t any speeches either just a couple of thank you’s and the party got underway.

So, thinking ahead to your wedding day would you have a table or seating plan? As most of your guests will be  adults, should they be able to sit where they want?

When searching through the internet to see what Brides and Grooms are choosing to do currently, we came across some statistics that said:

  • 51% of guests like to be assigned to a ‘seat’
  • 33% of guests like to be assigned to a ‘table’
  • 13% of guests like a wedding reception where you can sit where you want
  • 3% didn’t really have a comment to make about it
  • And guests in the over 50’s bracket, the majority liked to have an allocated seat!

This is where we all got to thinking about the problems it could cause if you didn’t have an organised seating plan.

  • You know what it’s like when you want a good sunbed spot when you’re on holiday so it getting a good seat at wedding will be just the same if there were no formal seating arrangements.  Everyone likes to have the best seats in the house, so it could be a rush of guests to get the good seats.
  • For some guests this could cause some frustration, and then it will take longer to seat everyone.
  • If your guests are aware of the non table plan they could well put their personal belongs onto a seat which could then disturb the chair décor and overall impression of your wedding breakfast room on entrance to be seated.
  • Imagine if couples got split up due to their not being enough space on tables, which would be upsetting if you weren’t able to sit with your partner.
  • Then we come to the elderly guests, they could end up sitting in a place they couldn’t see or hear or they could be on a ‘loud’ table, which may not be enjoyable for them.

Do you want to have this frustration on your day?

So our advice is put a table plan or seating plan together, try to put people together that you think will get on.  Your guests have to remember it is your day and you want them to share in your happiness, sitting them with someone they don’t know for a couple of hours isn’t a bad thing and could turn out to be great fun for them.

You can talk to our local Ambience Venue Stylists in your area, they would be more than be happy to go through some ideas of table planning and seating arrangements to go with your wedding theme.