It’s a magical touch…

Does your wedding venue tick all the right boxes? (Except maybe one?)

  • It’s in the right place
  • It’s available at the right time
  • It’s the right size for the number of guests you want
  • But it’s a bit… meh.
  • Maybe you feel it lacks a bit of atmosphere or personality?
  • Or maybe the room is a slightly awkward shape. Or it’s a bit ‘cold’. Maybe a bit too large?

If that’s the case, read on, because we’re going to show you just how room draping can completely transform any venue, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

If your venue lacks entrance appeal, then draping with lights or fabric will transform it

Make more of an entrance

When your guests arrive, you want them feel a real sense of occasion, from the begginning.

In this hotel, our Edinburgh stylist used a dramatic lit curtain to create an ‘entrance’ and add a touch of theatre. The area where the vows were to be said was also draped to make it extra special.

Now if the doorway is a bit indifferent, a venue stylist can weave their magic and drape the entranceway to make it much more picturesque and welcoming.

Create the feel of entering a stylish marquee, instead of the local village hall, by creating an elegant draped tunnel through to the party space within.

A large space is transformed into a more intimate area with well chosen drapes whether it be indoor or outdoor.

Sports hall to great hall

Continue the marquee effect by draping the whole of the area inside.

Perhaps your reception is going to be held in a large hall which has the advantage of being big enough for the number of guests you’re having but lacks a little visual sophistication. You might feel it’s a bit ‘echo-ey’.

In which case have the interior completely transformed, lower the ceiling with well draped panels of fabric and cover the walls so that in effect you and your guests will feel as if you are in a fabulous more intimate venue. In fact, that’s exactly how it will seem if you have it done professionally.

wedding draping and lights

Transforming a venue with draping, lighting and lanterns

To add to the effect, incorporate atmospheric lighting in carefully chosen areas, to create shadow and highlights wherever needed.

If your reception room is a slightly awkward shape, cleverly using lighting and draping can make the area flow better, so that nobody is tucked behind a corner or feels distanced from the main proceedings.

Top tables

If you want to make the area where you’re going to sit extra special, we can create a canopy or frame around the top table. Add a curtain of soft light behind and you’ve got yourself some wonderful photo opportunities.

Draping or over head decor can create a special space for the couple

If you’re having a sweet heart table, how about some overhead draping or hanging florals for a more intimate and romantic feel?

This is also a great idea for cake tables, sweetie tables and dessert tables… whichever areas you want to highlight.

Here drapes ‘soften’ a high ceiling and bring it ‘down’

Where to drape

Of course, you might not want the whole room to be draped. But maybe you want to bring a high ceiling down so that the whole space feels more intimate.

Or maybe the room is pretty but the ceiling isn’t fitting to the look you are trying to create? In which case camouflage it with drapery up above.

wedding canopy

Create a bower for the couple and guests – a beautiful setting for a photograph, or two! Tie swathes of drape with greenery and add lanterns like this one created by Ambience in Buckinghamshire.

Swinton Park Moroccan Theme chill-out area

Or maybe you want to create chill-out area which is where an Arabian nights tenting effect could come into its own. We’re thinking rugs, floor cushions…

Draping is also a great way to create partitions for example a kids’ area, a photo booth or cocktail bar etc…

Lighting and room draping

You’ll want the atmosphere at your wedding to subtly change at different times during your wedding.

This is where lighting comes into play. Different lighting will sweep over the drapes in different colours if you wish creating different moods. The whole area is brought to life. You could opt for gentle whites, soft blues or pinks or warm yellows.

Starlight curtains add romance

So if you’re arranging for the chairs and tables to be cleared away to create a dance floor, you can arrange to have the lighting altered to suggest that the party is starting (and dim them when the music slows).

We’ve frequently used starlight curtains to create a romantic backdrop for the couple and behind cake tables or the dance floor. These work beautifully in tandem with draping and can create different ‘spaces’ within a draped interior.

Draping an outdoor pavilion to make it extra special for the wedding ceremony

As ever, we’re happy to talk ideas through. So if room draping sounds as though it might solve your venue issues, get in touch.