Staircase Styling Ideas For Your Wedding Day

Aug 28, 2020

When it comes to styling, we’re a big fan of making the most of the spaces in your venue and staircases provide a fantastic opportunity to get creative! We’ve actually known couples to book a venue purely because the staircase was the deciding factor so it’s fair to say that they’re a pretty big deal!

Depending on whether you’ve chosen a stately home with a grand sweeping staircase and gallery landing or you’ve opted for a character barn venue with stairs leading up to a lounge area, there’s lots of ways in which you can style out your staircase and we’re here to provide you with some inspiration and things to consider!

Wedding Photograph Opportunities

Photographers love staircases, particularly when they’re the hub of the home, often found in hotel venues or period buildings. They provide a fantastic opportunity to capture some staged shots and it won’t be long before your guests are standing on the third step up posing for pictures – you know what we mean, we’ve all done it! Bearing this in mind, think about how far up you want your staircase decor to go. Perhaps just keep the styling all to one side to create a real statement on a sweeping staircase – floral garlands and lanterns are a great way to achieve this. Alternatively you may want to style both sides of the staircase right up to the first landing if your venue’s staircase is vertical.

Narrow Staircases

If your venue has a narrow staircase and you want to avoid any accidents such as your wedding dress catching the candlelight on your way down then don’t worry, there’s still lots you can do! Try fairy lights up the bannister as a more practical solution, providing a magical look right into the late evening. Alternatively if there’s open space to work with at the bottom of your staircase then create feature base decor to enhance the staircase with floral arrangements, candlelight, custom made neon signs or uplighters.

Welcome To The Wedding Of!

Quite often staircases lead up to the main entrance or ceremony room so the decor you choose here will set the mood as your guests arrive. Wedding signage is a fantastic option to add a personalised greeting for your guests and an abundance of candlelight will most definitely create the wow factor, particularly for an autumnal or winter wedding. Other options to consider would be pedestals of floral arrangements to sit either side of your staircase freeing up the stairs themselves if you are again concerned about the space.

External Steps

Exposed to the elements whether it be rain and wind or hot sunshine, your decor choice for external steps needs to be more robust. Styling handrails with foliage and greenery is a fantastic option over lots of fresh flowers and lining the steps with enclosed lanterns such as storm lanterns over glassware will ensure your candlelight doesn’t go out or get easily blown over. If you want to soften the look with petals then be sure to pick biodegradable petals and confetti over artificial silk ones as this is far more environmentally friendly and it’s highly likely your venue will have restrictions on the use of silk petals outdoors.

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