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Oct 24, 2019

Deciding on how you’ll display your seating plan is one of the things that most of our clients leave until last but your seating plan is one of the pieces of decor that’s guaranteed to be noticed by all of your guests as they quickly crowd round to see who they’ll be sat next to or who will be on their table! This is most often displayed just outside of your wedding breakfast room and it’s worth considering that it should be a reflection of what’s to come. Choose a seating plan design that compliments the rest of your decor, there’s nothing worse than leaving your seating plan as an after thought and then greeting your guests with something that you wished you’d spent more time choosing.

Consider a seating plan design that compliments the style of your table numbers and/or place names. This can be achieved with subtle techniques such as using the same font throughout, ensuring the colour palette is followed through or making sure that similar textures are featured.

The seating plan is the one piece of decor that is always subject to change. When you’ve got your guest list at the ready, it’s time to plan out who will sit where.

A great way to do this is to draw out the layout of your tables and jot down each guest’s name on individual small pieces of paper.

This way you can keep moving people around without the constant need to keep scribbling out and starting again. It might sound silly but double check the spellings of names as once you’ve signed off the list to your stylist, they will copy this format exactly.

Dependent upon the design you opt for, as a guide you’ll be required to provide your seating plan layout approx 8 weeks prior to your wedding. Ask your stylist what the cut off point is for amendments as this will also vary in regards to the design.

Whether you decide to be super creative with your seating plan design or you want something a little more understated, we’ve got lots of different options for you to explore. Head to our website today and find out who your local stylist is!

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