Sometimes it’s good to go back to basics, and so to help all you wedding planning couples out there, we’ve written this useful wedding to do list, with a timeline so you can be sure you’re up to date with everything!

Two years to up to 9 months before the wedding

  • Start a Pinterest account. It’s free, easy and a really good way to have a visual “scrapbook” of ideas and inspiration for your big day. You can keep boards secret so your wedding planning is private and you can invite others to share your mood boards privately and contribute to them. Of course, you can also keep a folder of magazine pages but Pinterest is great because you can do it on the move
  • Work out your wedding budget. It’s really important that you get this sorted early on so you don’t overspend or scrimp when you don’t need to. We’ve a useful article on planning your wedding budget here. It’s going to affect everything, from how many people you invite, where you get married, how many bridesmaids you have, the style of day and of course, what you wear!
  • Once you have worked out your budget, start thinking about dates
  • Think about having a wedding stylist – it could save you money and they will help you to plan your wedding styling just the way you want it and more! Invaluable if you’ve got a busy job/and or young children
  • Visit venues. Think about whether you will be getting married in one place and then move to another. Will you need transport?
  • Once you  have decided on a venue, reserve the date for it
  • Book whoever it is who is going to marry you (Saturdays are going to be very busy)

Think about the look you want to go for. Jane Beadnell Photography

Eight months before

  • Think about sending save the dates to guests who live a long way away and might want to make your wedding part of a holiday (family who lives overseas for example)
  • Book your photographer and maybe a videographer too
  • Book the wedding entertainment
  • Meet the caterers and fill them in on your ideas
  • Buy your dress. You need to build in time for a few fittings. Factor in that you may lose weight too
  • Decide what you are going to do about a wedding list. Nowadays it’s popular for couples to ask for help with their honeymoon

How would you like your ceremony styled?

Seven months before

  • Plan your wedding invitations and buy them
  • Plan your honeymoon
  • Go shopping with your bridesmaids for their dresses
  • Meet the person who is marrying you and make sure you have all the official wedding documents
  • Book your florist
  • Sort out transport. If you’re marrying in a city centre and having the reception somewhere else, a coach is an excellent way to transport guests so they don’t have to worry about parking cars. Even if you can walk to the reception, the oldies often need help and may appreciate a lift
  • Think about the timeline of your day, when the hairdresser will arrive, when you leave for the ceremony, when you cut the cake etc.

Kate Spade NewYork X Keds

Four months before

  • Check the wedding invitations
  • Choose and order your wedding cake
  • Buy your wedding shoes and wear them in (gently) around the house on carpet. You may need to practice wearing them!
  • Think about your wedding music
  • Book your hairdresser
rose gold wedding cake

This wedding cake fits perfectly with a rose gold theme…

Three months before

  • Decide on your food and flowers (always a good idea to go with what is in season)
  • Decide whether you are going to have wedding favours
  • Think about your wedding readings and ask the appropriate people
  • Try on your wedding dress with lingerie so you can decide what works best
  • Buy your wedding rings (so you can get them engraved if you wish)

Fun photo activities

Two months before

  • Send out your invitations
  • Meet your photographer and walk around the venue
  • Give the band/DJ a wish list of your music
Wedding Post Box to keep wedding post safe

Wedding Post Box

One month before

  • Keep a careful list of RSVPs from guests on a spreadsheet
  • Double check drivers of vehicles have correct instructions and maps
  • Make a seating plan
  • Get your hair cut and coloured (do not do this in the days leading up to your wedding)
  • Have a facial (again, not in the week before your wedding)
table sign

Wedding signs to make you’re guests feel more welcome

Week before

  • Have your manicure/pedicure done
  • Delegate small jobs for the day of the wedding (someone to carry a small handbag for you, someone to be in charge of flower girls and pageboys, someone to be in charge of gifts of money)
  • Send the final guest list to your caterer