You might think wedding styling is an expensive extra. But in fact, here’s why using a wedding stylist could be the best financial decision you make for your wedding day.

If you’re like any of our previous couples, you’ll be very glad you did make the decision to use a wedding stylist and here are some of the reasons why.

You won’t have to buy expensive extras

Wedding stylists will have many of the props you want to dress up your wedding to get the look you’re after. You won’t have to spend chunks of money buying things like:

  • A wedding post box for cards
  • Decorative candelabra and lanterns
  • Chalkboards
  • Rustic vases and jugs
  • Table linen
  • Decorative trees

You’re unlikely to use these things again so why spend your money on them?

A wedding stylist will also stop you “overdressing” your wedding day with items you really don’t need.

wedding post box

Stylists have access to all the props you may need, so you won’t have to source or buy items like a wedding post box

Sourcing the right photographers and florists

A stylist will have been involved in many weddings in the vicinity so they will know how the local photographers, venues and florists work. A stylist will know which photographer is good value for money and which is overpriced for the service you get and the same applies to florists, venues, limousine companies etc… They’ll help to stop you making expensive mistakes!

soft pink wedding day lighting

Romantic lighting for this soft pink wedding look

Creative and clever lighting

Interior designers know that lighting is the secret to creating a particular mood. Stylists know the same tricks too and are experts at creating lighting effects with starlight backdrops, uplighting, festoon lights etc. They will know how to style the venue safely and effectively. Take a look here at some of our wedding lighting.

room draping

Making an indifferent venue look spectacular!

Making an imperfect room look like perfection

If you have a venue that’s in the perfect location, available on the right day and at the right price but it’s a bit “meh” and doesn’t inspire you visually, then that’s where room draping can be your transformative secret. Stylists will swoop in, assess the room and drape any unsightly doors, windows and areas so that they are camouflaged. They can also fully drape the interior of a room so you feel as though you are inside a marquee rather than an ordinary village hall for example. So a room that’s available at a bargain can actually be turned into one that looks like a million dollars.

ceiling draping

Ceiling draping by Ambience at Derbyshire

Making the very most of your venue

A stylist will visit your venue with you and look at it with a creative eye, assessing all the good points and the bad.¬† For example, you might have thought you needed to spend a lot of your budget on decorative flowers but a stylist will show you how to get the look you’re after in different ways. They’ll also pick out venue features you may have missed like highlighting beams and making the most of an imposing staircase.

Ceremony Styling by our creative Peterborough Stylists!

In fact, it’s an idea to talk to a stylist before you decide on a venue. By having a chat, you may realise that you could have the perfect wedding in a less expensive venue than you had planned on booking because the stylist will make the space ‘work hard’ and look its best.

Styling your photographs

Not all photographers get the right image shots of venue styling and you only get one chance at your wedding. A stylist can bring their own visual expertise to your wedding day set up so that your photographs are styled to perfection.

Keeping in touch with what is important

Certain things on your wedding day are going to create memories forever;

  • Your guests’ reaction on seeing the decorated wedding venue for the first time
  • How the ushers show them to the tables
  • How you dealt with a rain shower
  • The wedding cake table

Wonderful memories are priceless and your wedding stylist will help you create the visuals you dreamed of. Don’t forget to ask if your stylist offers a Pay Monthly Scheme to help make a lavish wedding easier to fund!