Top 10 Questions To Ask Before Booking Your Wedding venue

July 04, 2020

It’s a very exciting week for the hospitality industry this week as many hotels and venues in England return to work and open their doors from the 4th July! With many couples hot on their heels, ready to get back out there and discover their perfect venue, we’ve shortlisted the top 10 questions to ask before booking your wedding venue!

So before you sign on the dotted line and rush home to send out your save the dates, here’s a quick run down of things to consider. Many venues work in similar ways, but it’s a good idea to have a checklist prepared before your show round with the wedding coordinator so that you can make sure you have a good understanding of how the day will run, what will be included in your package, how the room will be laid out, parking and accommodation options for your guests and so on. First up, and most importantly:

1. What dates does your venue have available in the month and year you would like to get married?

We recommend you ask this early on in your enquiry process to avoid disappointment. Remember that Saturdays in summer are the most popular dates so if you’ve got your heart set on a summer weekend wedding, particularly on a Bank Holiday then you might need to book a couple of years in advance.

2. Can you hold your ceremony and wedding reception at the venue?

If so which rooms do they have available as options and can you see them? Some wedding venues have more than one room option for your civil ceremony so check out which one feels best for you and your day.

3. How many guests can your venue accommodate for?

Find out what the maximum guest numbers are and how the room would be laid out so that you can assess if it’s a good fit for your guest list.

4. What wedding packages do they offer and what is included in each?

Many venues offer packages that include some of the room decorations such as chairs, chair covers, tablecloths, cutlery and glassware. So once you know which other styling items you would need to look at sourcing or hiring you can start to make a list and get in touch with your local Ambience stylist

5. What parking options do they have for you and your guests?

City centre wedding venues may have restricted parking so be sure to know how many spaces they have, ask if they offer a valet service, find out how much parking costs and if you need to book this in advance.

6. What overnight accommodation options do they have?

You’ll want to know that your guests have the option of staying at the venue or nearby once the celebrations have ended so find out how many rooms they have available on site, what the room rates are and get the names of any recommended nearby hotels for your other guests.

7. What food and drink options are available to you?

Dependent upon the the type of venue you are looking at, the hotel itself may provide the food and bar service or you may need to source caterers. In the instance of the latter, most venues will have a list of recommended caterers that are familiar with the on site kitchen, rooms etc so be sure to ask for these so that you can do your research and find the best match.

Other general questions to ask regarding food and drink would be:

Is there a corkage charge?

Are their restrictions on the type of alcohol they can serve?

Will you be charged for a tasting menu?

Can they cater for specific dietary requirements?

What kind of drinks will be served with the meal?

8. Have they got images of the venue set up for a wedding?

Quite often show rounds are done when the room is empty and it’s always difficult for you to imagine how it would look and what the layout would be. Have a look on their social media pages for images, look through their brochure and ask if they have any upcoming wedding showcases where the room will be dressed so that you can come and see it set up. This is also a great time to bring your parents, grandparents or bridesmaids for their seal of approval too!

9. Evening entertainment

Are you allowed to have a band? Some venues have restrictions so it’s always good to ask the question. Find out if they provide a DJ as part of the package and ask if they provide the dance floor.
Many couples plan on using fireworks to celebrate their marriage with their evening guests. If this is something that you would like to do then confirm with your venue if this is an option as some venues are unable to authorise the use of fireworks.

10. How to secure your date/booking at the venue?

If after you’ve asked all of your questions things are sounding good and a lot of your boxes are ticked, it’s a good idea to know what would be needed in order to secure your wedding date. Some venues will provisionally hold the date for a small period of time before requiring a deposit payment so find out how much this would be and how it would need to be paid. Your venue may also offer payment plans to help you spread the cost of your wedding. Finally, find out what their cancellation policy is. Hopefully your wedding wouldn’t need to be cancelled but it’s advisable to be armed with the facts.

We hope this has made you feel more confident in knowing what to ask on your viewing! Good luck with your venue search and we’re here for you when you need to start thinking about your styling!


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