Top 5 Ideas For Styling Your Barn Wedding

Jan 22, 2021

Over the last couple of years, barn venues have become increasingly popular with couples looking for an alternative space to celebrate their wedding and couples searching for barn venues in the UK have an incredible choice! With luxurious interiors, spacious rooms to hold larger guest numbers, industrial architecture and manicured gardens, there’s no wonder that barn venues are hot on the wish list of engaged couples right now.

When starting to think about how you want to style your wedding day, we recommend that you pick decor and styling that compliments the natural aesthetics and surroundings of a venue which opens you up to a multitude of styling options when it comes to decorating your barn wedding. Gone are the days when getting married in a barn meant that your decor had to simply fall into the category of rustic. There’s no rule that says if you’re getting married in a barn then you must use wood slices and crates so if this isn’t you, don’t worry!

Green Wedding Ideas

If your style is more feminine and elegant or perhaps even minimalist consider bringing the outdoors in with lots of textured foliage and greenery like these stunning arrangements by Victoria Ivy Floral Design. Shades of green are really popular in weddings throughout 2021 and 2022.

So whether it’s deep forest green, jewel toned emerald green or soft and romantic sage green, it’s an excellent base colour for your styling. There are some stunning bridesmaid dresses in shades of green and what’s brilliant is, this colour palette suits the majority of hair and skin tones so there will hopefully be no grumbling from your bride squad!

Soft, luxurious fabrics

As barns feature lots of industrial and raw architecture, think about the fabrics you can use to soften the look of the interiors. Our sage chiffon chair drapes are a simple yet striking addition to these cross back chairs and pull out all of natural tones and shades from the foliage.

Round tables or banquet dining?

Generally speaking you have more space to work with in a barn venue and you might have the option of using round tables and/or trestle tables to form banquet style dining. If this is something you’d be interested in then speak to your wedding coordinator and Ambience stylist in advance about the layout of your tables on the day and get a format that works for you. Look at the flow of the room, how your guests will enter the room, where you would like your top table to be.

Mood Lighting

Does your ceremony barn/room have lots of natural light flooding in or perhaps it’s a listed building which means there could be fewer or smaller windows if any?

Consider how you will set the mood for your ceremony, bring darker spaces to life with the inviting glow of low level candlelight to enhance.

Define the aisle with varying heights of candlelight and draw the eye directly down the centre of room, ready for that show stopping moment when you approach the aisle and bring your partner to tears! You want tears right?!

Add personal touches to your wedding decor

Have fun with your styling. Barn venues offer the perfect blank canvas for you to put your stamp on the day so think of ways you can add a little bit of your personality to your decor. Wedding signage to guide your guests to where they need to be, to welcome them to the day, inform them of the order of the day and to show them to their seats, is a great way to do this! We opted for a design with a modern feel for this welcome sign so as to reflect the feel of the rest of the styling.

You could also consider carrying continuity throughout your stationery suite incorporating the same fonts, artwork and features into your invitations, table number/names, menu cards and place names like these beautiful wax seal stationery options by Raspberry Toast.


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