Your wedding day has come to end and you want to relive your fantastic day with memories that your wedding photos will bring to you both.  But now another nightmare begins, trying to collect all of the photos from your guests so you can put them together to make your memories.

Of recent when styling wedding venues disposable cameras would be placed on tables and some brides and grooms still do this with the hope that maybe one or two photos would be good.  The inevitable is that there are more photos of the ceiling and floor than of the fun that everyone was having at your wedding. Now we are in the 21st century do we need disposable cameras at our weddings, with technology developments there are so many options that can be used to obtain great photographs of your day and you wouldn’t have a nightmare of collecting them together.

Almost everyone now has a smartphone and we are all using apps in our everyday life so why not look at using an app for your wedding memories.

Ambience HQ have looked at which is a great alternative to disposable cameras and its all FREE, a wedding day photo app.

How Does it Work?

Wedpics is a dedicated app and it’s really easy to set up and get started.

  1. Follow the instructions and create your app which can be custom designed by you and is available to you forever.  Start your photo journey when you announce your engagement!
  2. Invite your guests, family and friends to join the app by sharing the wedding ID number.  This can be done is many ways via text, adding onto the wedding invites, sending an email.  Even add it to the place cards on your tables.
  3. Advise where the unique app can be downloaded from within the App Store/GooglePlay for Iphone and Android users only but for other style phones they will be able to access via the website.
  4. Enjoy your day and wait for the photographs and videos to flood in, this is the start of your memories of your life together.

Your albums can be marked private and are only accessible via the people you give your ID details to, the photographs and videos are uploaded in real time so it great for everyone to see as it’s all happening.  Why not have a screen within your reception showing the images as they happen, that would be great fun.

Do you think you would use an app for your wedding day, I know we would at AmbienceHQ.