What are wedding favours anyway?  Originally when you arrived at a wedding and took your place at the table you’d find a little gauze parcel of pastel sugared almonds by your plate and they were the first type of wedding favour.  The tradition is Italian and five of the sweets are given to guests there to symbolise health, wealth, happiness, fertility and long life. Colours are usually white, pale pink, a soft yellow, lilac and pale blue.

Sugared almond wedding favours

Sugared almonds are the original wedding favour

So these are probably the simplest and most traditional wedding favour of all. You can buy them ready packaged up, or if you fancy a spot of DIY weddingness, then bulk buy the almonds and put in little gauze bags (easy to buy online) yourself or a little pot.

wedding favours mints

Personalised mints are always welcome (image via Pinterest)

How to get your wedding favours right – 10 tips

  1. Keep them simple. Really, a wedding favour should just bring a smile to your guests’ face when they arrive at their tables.
  2. Set a budget per favour. It could be £1, as much as £5 or as little as 5op.
  3. Think about how many guests you are inviting. If you’re having a small wedding with just 25 people, then you can make the favours a bit more sophisticated and intimate.
  4. A little box containing a chocolate or chocolates makes a perfect favour if you don’t like the idea of almonds. People can have them with their tea and coffee after dessert. Mints are also good.
  5. Think about where you are marrying and how guests get there. A little pot of home grown herbs or a sunflower in a pot is a lovely thought but if guests have flown to your destination or taken a train then it will be difficult for them to take this sort of favour home.
  6. If you like the idea of spending time DIY-ing favours then go for it. But just consider the actual time you have available and plan accordingly. One of the loveliest ideas we’ve seen lately were pebbles with the name of each guest written in gold paint. But that bride had two years to plan her wedding and spend her evening painting 200 pebbles!
  7. Know your limitations. If you’re not arty then don’t feel bad if you’re not up to crafting favours yourself.
  8. Bear in mind that some favours will be left behind at the table when guests leave, particularly if the gift isn’t really portable (see our comment on pots of herbs above). You need to take this in your stride and not be upset about it.
  9. If you’re having a children’s table, then make the favours child-friendly. Sweets are usually best avoided. Instead think along the lines of colouring books, pencils, mini farm animals, dinosaurs. Make sure the gifts are age-appropriate (not felt tips for under threes!)
  10. You can have a table of wedding favours instead of putting one by every plate. Then people can take one if they wish (or not). Make sure you have a sign saying something like: “Wedding favours – please take one” so people get the idea!
Ferrero Rocher wedding favours

Proving that the simplest ideas are often the best. Print out labels with the guests’ names, attach to cocktail sticks (or just write a simple ‘thank-you’ as above, and stick in individual Ferrero Rocher chocolates. Put on every plate. Image via Pinterest.

18 ideas for wedding favours to be thinking about

  1. A bottle of craft beer maybe personalised with the date of the wedding for men, a mini bottle of damson vodka or elderflower cordial for the ladies
  2. A donation to a charity that means a lot to you, instead of spending the money on wedding favours the charity will supply you with a card for each table so guests know what you’ve done

    Kinder egg wedding favours

    Adults also love Kinder Eggs! (Image via Pinterest)

  3. A Kinder Egg. Adults love them too
  4. A herbal teabag
  5. Lottery scratch card
  6. Mini pots of jam (with personalised labels)
  7. A little box of macaroons (again, delicious with coffee and tea post-speeches)
  8. A packet of seeds (sunflowers, forget me nots, herbs… something that is easy to grow)
  9. A mini scented candle
  10. A lollipop (Chupa Chups)
  11. Mini box of popcorn
  12. Mini Lego kit (also good for kids, depending on age)
  13. Homemade biscuits (flapjacks, gingernuts)
  14. Lipsalve (for winter weddings)
  15. Mini soaps
  16. A canvas tote (ideal for weddings by the sea)
  17. Scented lavender bags
  18. Personalised key rings
sloe gin wedding favours

Sloe gin wedding favour